Fallout 76: How To Unlock Weapon Mods | Gun Customization Guide

Weapon customization returns in Fallout 76, and you can mod your weapons up with a variety of powerful configurations. These extra pieces are called “mods” — and installing them has changed slightly. Because of the perk card system, there’s no straightforward way to simply unlock new mod options when you’re customizing weapons. You’ll have to grab each mod separately, and you’ll do that naturally as you play — if you’re scrapping weapons.

It’s just that simple. To unlock mods, you just need to scrap weapons with the mods you want. You’ll earn lots of different mods by scrapping Pipe guns, but you can also get mods for Syringer Rifles that drain enemy strength, longer barrels for your shotgun to improve accuracy, or special receiver that change the firing rate on assault rifles. There are literally dozens of mods to unlock for some weapons, so I recommend grabbing everything you can, and scrapping everything you can.

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How To Unlock Weapon Mods | Gun Customization Guide

Mods are weapon customization features you can unlock to enhance your weapons at the crafting table. There are two ways to gain weapon mods. One of these methods requires a crafting table, and the other just gives you the option to apply a mod directly to a weapon.

NOTE: Each weapon mod is attached to a particular weapon — so you can’t remove a mode from one weapon, then place it on another.

  • How To Get Weapon Mods:
    • Scrap weapons with mods to learn the Weapon mod pattern. You can then craft the mod.
    • Purchase weapon mods from a vendor. You don’t have to craft these. Simply apply them.

Some weapon mods can only be crafted / installed with certain perks. You may need Chemist (1, 2 etc),  Gunsmith (1, 2, etc), or other perks to unlock the ability to add a Weapon Mod.


How To Farm Weapon Mods

To get the best mods and build powerful weapons, you might need to farm weapons. Farming weapons is very simple in Fallout 76 — you just need to reset mobs.

  • To farm weapon mods, just find an area with enemies that carry the weapon you want to farm for weapon mods.
    • Mods are completely random. Kill enemies, then collect their weapons and scrap the guns to get mod crafting recipes.
    • After clearing an area of enemies, just log off and log back in to reset the enemy mob. You can also switch servers.

There are a couple places you can use to start your journey. The swamp southeast of Flatwoods is packed with Super-Mutants carrying Hunting Rifles. Bolton Greens is packed with Pipe Guns, and Blackwater Mine is a great place to farm for Pump-Action, Double-Barreled, or Combat Shotguns.