Fallout 76: Where To Find All The Vaults | Vault 63, 94 & 96 Locations Guide

There are more vaults to discover in the West Virginia Wasteland. The eponymous Vault 76 is where you start your adventure in Fallout 76, but it’s possible to discover additional vaults that are surprisingly well hidden. These vaults are still sealed for the time being, but Bethesda Softworks has already promised that these mysterious vaults will open — and we can only assume that things haven’t gone well for your fellow vault-dwellers.

The vaults might be designed to survive a nuclear apocalypse, but they aren’t designed to keep the occupants alive for long. Instead of creating perfect habitats for humanity to ride out the end of the world, the vaults are actually bizarre social experiment petri dishes. Society breaks down fast in a vault — whether it’s due to broken equipment, a failed social order, or the introduction of addictive chemicals to the food supply. All the vaults inevitably fail. All except Vault 76. From all accounts, it looks like the dwellers did a pretty good job of it. To see some real duds, you’ll just have to wait for these additional vaults to unlock and reveal the horrors within.

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Where To Find All The Vaults | Vault 63, 94 & 96 Locations Guide

Additional vaults can be located in Fallout 76 — the vaults are sealed and will unlock as a timed event. You’ll just have to wait, and watch, to see when these vaults will open.

Vault 63 – Location

Vault 63 is located south in the Ash Heap region. Follow the road west of Garrahan Estate and look for a shack off the road leading to the Abandoned Mineshaft. The shack actually hides another cave entrance that takes you straight to the locked Vault 63 door.

Vault 94 – Location

Found on the border of the Savage Divide, find the side-road leading east from Route 66 into the mountains east Pumpkin House. You can travel east from Abbie’s Bunker, and look for a path to the left — the entrance is a little easier to spot, even if it’s looking worse for wear.

Vault 96 – Location

The last vault is far south of the Savage Divide, between the Federal Disposal Field HZ-21 and Lake Eloise. You should see a road between those two locations on your map — follow it south to reach the Vault 96 entrance.