Fallout 76: How To Get The Nuka Cola Power Armor | Unique Skin Location

This is the Nuka Cola Armor from Fallout 4. It’s been imported directly into Fallout 76, so it looks exactly the same.

Everyone loves the smooth, irradiated taste of Nuka Cola in the Fallout franchise, and Fallout 76 returns one of the beloved Power Armor skins from games past. Instead of selling it as DLC, the Nuka Cola brand skin is available as an incredibly complex unlockable. This thing is way, way harder to get than anything in previous Bethesda titles — essentially, you need to get four random keys, hidden in four completely random locations.

If you’re like use, you’re not about to just stumble upon all four key locations. You’ll need exact instructions, and each key leads to the next area in a straight line. It all leads to the Black Mountain Ordnance Works, which features two locked TNT Domes you can open with very, very special keys. One of the domes contains an Alien Blaster mod. The other dome has Nuka Cola clothing, and the Nuka Cola T-51 Power Armor skin recipe.

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How To Get The Nuka Cola Power Armor | Unique Skin Location

To unlock a fancy Nuka Cola Power Armor skin, you’ll need to follow a complicated series of events — ending with you acquiring the Nuka Cola Power Armor schematic. This isn’t a new set of Power Armor, but it is a special Nuka Cola skin you can apply to your T-51 suit. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Nuka Cola Power Armor Instructions:
    1. Get the key in the duffle bag, at a rock north of Pylon V-13, in the far eastern side of the map. The Pylon is located south of the RobCo Research Center. Go a little northeast of the pylon to find a duffle bag.
    2. Once you have the key, go south to Watoga. Use the key to unlock the red toolbox just outside of Watoga.
    3. Travel to the starting region. At Sutton, look in the dog house near the truck, north of the Red Rocket Station. There’s a yellow box you can unlock next.
    4. Take the next key to Kanawha Nuka Cola Plant on the far west edge of the map. Enter the Taste Testing Room and unlock the fallen locker.
    5. Go to the Black Mountain Ordnance Works, south of the Tyler Country Fairgrounds. Use the TNT key on TNT Dome 3.

Blow open the TNT with the key, and you’ll find the Nuka Cola T-51 schematics inside. You can also grab some other Nuka Cola branded clothing items!

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