Fallout 76: How To Get The Dragon Four-Barreled Rifle | New Weapon Guide

If you’re looking for “unique” weapons, the Dragon is one of the best in Fallout 76.

This is a four-barreled black powder rifle that shoots four .50 balls each time you pull the trigger, laying down a devastating amount of damage on just about anything you aim at. It’s not just a cool, totally new weapon that you won’t find in any of the previous games, it’s also actually useful — especially against big targets, and double-especially if you’ve got the caps to purchase more .50 Ball shot.

The Dragon actually isn’t an official “unique” weapon because it can actually spawn on the map. That means that, yes, you can get legendary versions of the Dragon as a drop from powerful enemies. Either way, the Dragon is an extremely rare, hard-to-find weapon. Here’s everything you need to know about actually getting one. We’ve been playing Fallout 76 for a long time, and this ‘base’ gun didn’t appear for us until just recently. You could play the entire game and never see it.

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How To Get The Dragon Four-Barreled Rifle | Unique Weapon Guide

The Dragon is a four-barreled rifle that fires .50 Caliber BallsĀ instead of bullets. When you reload, you’ll fill the barrels with black powder before firing. This is an extremely rare weapon, and only appears in a handful of locations — and even then, it might not appear for you.

  • Found in the Thunder Mountain Power Plant. That’s the power plant in The Mire, on the northern shore of the lake.
    • It can also drop from the boss at the end of Wendigo Cave. The cave is south of Atlas Observatory in the Savage Divide region.
  • Can be purchased (sometimes) from Grahm, a travelling Super Mutant merchant. Check his route map here.
    • You might also find it for sale by robot vendors in Harper’s Ferry. This is a small town in the Mire region.

The easiest way to acquire the Dragon is to re-check the Harper’s Ferry vendortrons, or take a quick trip to Wendigo Cave and reset the enemies. You can reset both areas by exiting the server, then reconnecting. Just repeat and you’ll eventually get your hands on this powerful weapon.

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