La-Mulana 2: How To Solve Brahma’s Trials | End-Game Puzzle Guide

Even after you’ve finished La-Mulana 2, there’s still more puzzles to solve. Deep in the Ancient Chaos, you’ll find the Brahma’s Trials puzzle — and it’s only available after you’ve reached the end of the game. This is a huge puzzle, and if you’ve been exploring Eg-Lana, you’ll find constant references and clues to this bad boy. Here’s everything you need to know, from start-to-finish.

The reward isn’t all that impressive though. For completing this puzzle, you’ll get a map showing all the Crystal Skull locations and Mantra locations you’ve missed. If you’re like us, we collected all those on our own. There are so many mysteries in the Eg-Lana ruins, finding all the Mantras and Skulls isn’t so hard — way easier than completing this puzzle. But, if you’re a crazy completionist like we are, then you’ll want to solve this puzzle anyway.

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How To Solve Brahma’s Trials | Post-Game Puzzle Guide

To begin the Brahma’s Trials puzzle, travel to Ancient Chaos, and enter the room above the Grail save / fast-travel point. You’ll need two items to begin; the Ancient Battery and the Egg of Creation.

  • To get the Egg of Creation, defeat the sub-boss Daji in Takamagahara Shrine. This is the boss with the spike ceiling that slowly lowers.
  • To get the Ancient Battery, unlock the Buried Fortress section in the Eternal Battlefield and break the Life Sigil in room [H-7]. After that, fall into the Eternal Battlefield from the Icefire Treetops and go through the left secret wall to find the treasure chest.

Go to the Brahma Statue and use the Ancient Battery to activate him, then use the Egg of Creation to turn on the colored lights. Now we’re ready to actually solve this complicated puzzle.

[If you need more help, watch the video above for exact details. This puzzle is very complicated, and there are lots of elements to each part. I won’t describe exactly what’s going on with this puzzle or why it’s solved here — this is just the solution.]

Scan the terminals to see which hand represents each age. You’ll also need to find tablets that give clues — if you want to solve it legit. We’ll list the solutions for each hand below. You need to whip the lights to point them at specific terminals.

  • ‘Satya Yuga’ Age: Red and Purple lights facing the terminal. The “head” needs to be gold. The symbol in the ball that drops must be the Padma Lotus.
  • ‘Treta Yuga’ Age: Blue and Yellow lights. Silver “head”. Vedas Texts on the ball.
  • ‘Dvapara Yuga’ Age: Purple and Green lights. Copper “head”. Kamandalu Water Pot on the ball.
  • ‘Kali Yuga’ Age: Red and Green lights. Steel “head”. Malu Prayer Beads on the ball.

Place a weight on one of the four pedestals, and a ball will drop with one of four symbols — the Padma Lotus, the Vedas Texts, the Kamandalu Water Pot, and the Malu Prayer Beads. Depending on the direction of the lights (whip the lights to change what they are pointing at) you’ll get a different image on the ball that drops into the hand.