La-Mulana 2 Walkthrough: Dark Lord’s Mausoleum Puzzles & Guardian | Part 6

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For the next part of our step-by-step La-Mulana 2 walkthrough, we’re delving into the Dark Lord’s Mausoleum and solving a whole lot of puzzles. At the end of the video (and text guide), we’ll encounter the massive guardian boss of the Dark Lord’s Mausoleum, pick up some mantras to incant later, and grab a bunch of items that (seemingly) aren’t that useful. No matter what, defeating Aten Ra is an important step forward, and solving his weird, massive puzzle is a challenge we’ll show you how to overcome.

Along the way, we’ll also fight a couple of sub-bosses, return to the Immortal Battlefield for clean-up, and grab a few extra health upgrades. This is also the point where we grabbed the Double-Jump Feather — that’s one item you can’t afford to miss either. Before the patch, it was possible to get this much, much earlier in the game. Now, you’ll need the Mjolnir — which we collected in the previous video. Let lightning hit you while you’ve got Mjolnir equipped, and you’ll charge the mythical hammer. That’s pretty much all you need to know to solve the Feather puzzle.

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Solving The Dark Lord’s Step | Part 6


Time to solve one big puzzle.

  • How To Solve the White Pedestal Puzzle: Gate of the Dead – To activate the White Pedestals, you need to use Pepper instead of a Weight. A tablet will tell you to place something very light — that’s when the Pepper becomes useful. Pepper is available in the Village Shop, and you can find one White Pedestal in the Unicorn room.
    • Another White Pedestal appears in the room with the five statues — four are missing heads. Incant the “Sun” mantra to make the white pedestal appear.
    • Two more White Pedestals need to be activated. One requires the Life Sigil, and the other, you need to flip the rooms around to reach it.
    • Dark Lord’s Mausoleum Entrance: Solving this puzzle will unlock the door to the Dark Lord’s Mausoleum.
      • There’s an alternate entrance to the Dark Lord’s Mausoleum too. Use the Behelit on a Corridor of Blood door to rotate the corridor.
  • How To Get the Feather (Double-Jump): Find the room in the Dark Lord’s Mausoleum with a tablet that asks you to “look to the heavens” — if you do that, you’ll die in a trap. Instead, destroy this false tablet.
    • If you have Mjolnir, use it to collect lightning and charge the nodes so you can reach the open chest — you’ll need to defeat the Angra Mainyu boss to get the feather. Learn how to beat the sub-boss in the entry below.
  • Sacred Orb Location: Village – Now that you have the Feather, you can access the high cliffs above the village. Go right and start climbing to find a hidden Sacred Orb.
  • Angra Mainyu Sub-Boss: Dark Lord’s Mausoleum – To actually defeat this boss, equip the Mjolnir and get hit by the evil eye’s lightning — that will charge the Mjolnir. Release the electricity charge to activate the power nodes, making the walls close on the boss. Keep charging and the walls will eventually crush the boss.
  • How to Get the “Sea” Mantra: Shrine of the Frost Giants – Reach the top of the double-lift corridor and break through the secret wall on the left, left of the pillar. Destroy the Life sigil, and scan the mantra that appears.
  • Sacred Orb Location: Shrine of the Frost Giants – In the room above the “Sea” Mantra, shoot a Flare up at the button in the top-left corner to unlock the middle chest. Only open the middle of the three chests!
  • How to Get the “Moon” Mantra: Immortal Battlefield – Speak the “Sun” mantra at the Moon Altar.
  • How to Get the Totem Pole: Immortal Battlefield – In a room with the Life (3rd) Sigil. Break the Life Sigil, then use the Gale Fibula to sprint past the crushers. Place a weight on the far end to unlock the chest.
  • How to Get the “Fire” Mantra: Valhalla – Found in a room with two weight pedestals and a spiral gate. Break the Life (3rd) Sigil to reveal the mantra.
  • Ankh Door Puzzle: Dark Lord’s Mausoleum – To make the Ankh door appear, go and talk to Horus. Ra will appear, and begin absorbing characters in the area — find Amen-Ra, then follow where he flies. Next, go to Ra-Horakhty (Horus), and the last version is in the door above the Dark Lord’s Step puzzle, the room filled with gravestones. The Ankh Door has appeared, but you can’t access it yet.
  • How to Get the Ankh Jewel: Dark Lord’s Mausoleum – Go to the giant pyramid room. In the upper-right corner, there’s a blue chest. Destroy the statue on the wall under the chest, then climb the ladder and step on the pressure plate to unlock it.
  • How to Solve the Dark Lord’s Step Puzzle: Dark Lord’s Mausoleum – Incant Heaven, Sun, Earth, Heaven, and Earth in that order, in front of the Bust of Mimir. It’s in the room that’s full of tablets. Do them all, and you’ll be able to access the room with the Ankh door.
  • Sekmet Sub-Boss: After solving the Dark Lord’s Step puzzle, Sekmet will appear. Defeat the boss, and the passage down to the Ankh door will become available. Drop down and you can fight it.
  • Aten Ra Guardian: Dark Lord’s Mausoleum Boss – This massive boss isn’t too hard. If you’ve been collecting health upgrades and weapons, you should have no problem defeating this massive monster.
    • Crucifix: Collect the Crucifix after defeating Aten Ra in the Dark Lord’s Mausoleum. It makes you invulnerable against ghost-type enemies.