La-Mulana 2 Walkthrough: Immortal Battlefield Guardian | Part 5

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We’re finally taking on the boss of the Immortal Battlefield — and he’s a pretty unique fight. There’s plenty of puzzles and steps required before we actually take this guy on, because La-Mulana 2 is just that complicated. You’ll find the Flare Gun, a returning weapon from the original game, a bunch of treasures, two Sacred Orbs, and the key required to actually fight this racing fool.

If you try to fight the Immortal Battlefield Guardian without the Pochete Key, you’ll just get flattened. Like one of the previous bosses that required a boat, you’ll need a personal unicycle for this tough battle. If you’ve been saving up gold coins, this might be a good time to grab a Revolver from the village store. That weapon has limited ammo, only six shots, but it absolutely destroys bosses.

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Immortal Battlefield Guardian | Part 5


Before we can fight the Immortal Battlefield Guardian, we’ll need to find a few other items — specifically the Dinosaur Figure and the Pochete Key. You’ll also need the “Life” Sigil, the third Sigil in the game. It helps to grab the rest of the items listed here, but those are the only required treasures you absolutely need to fight this boss.

  • Death Village App: Divine Fortress – Use the Grapple Claw to ride the moving block up, then destroy the block that’s in the way of the blue chest. You don’t push this block, you just destroy it.
  • Takamagahara Shrine Entrance: From the Roots of Yggdrasil, to the Immortal Battlefield, to Takamagahara Shrine. Grapple Claw and break the second sigil above the door to reach a section of the Immortal Battlefield, then travel right and down to a room with a “Believe” tablet. Place a weight on the pedestal and stand still.
  • Sacred Orb Location: Takamagahara Shrine – Found in a blue chest in the middle of the area. Drop down and break the block, then place a weight. Stand still, wait for the trap to reset, then you can grab the blue chest.
  • Rajin & Fujin Sub-Boss: Takamagahara Shrine – In the giant corridor, drop down and go through the right path. You can wait and fight these guys after you’ve acquired lightning protection, but they can be beaten right away, when you first enter the shrine.
  • How to Get the Flare Gun: Takamagahara Shrine – After defeating Rajin / Fujin, destroy the sigil in the next room. Reach the weight pedestal that appears in the top-left corner. To get to it, you need the Gale Fibula to sprint, and the Grapple Claw so you don’t bounce off the wall and get crushed. Place the weight on the pedestal. The Flare Gun is a weapon that shoots straight up.
  • Daji Sub-Boss: Takamagahara Shrine – The trick to this boss is that you have to defeat him before the spike ceiling crushes you. Use Earth Spears and Flares to shoot up and hit him.
  • How to Get the Egg of Creation: Takamagahara Shrine – Found in Daji’s boss room. What you need to do is defeat Daji, then jump out of the arena and onto the lowering spike ceiling. If you’re fast enough, you can reach the blue chest at the top. The Egg of Creation is a late-game item, so we won’t need it for a while.
  • “Earth” Mantra Location: Annfwn – Go to the room with the second sigil and break it to lower a wall, revealing the “Earth” mantra. Scan it!
  • How to Get the Silver Shield: Annfwn – Find the bust of Mimir and incant the “Earth” mantra in the room.
  • Life Sigil Location: Icefire Treetop – After collecting the Silver Shield, equip the shield to block the attacks from the statue. You’ll also need the second sigil, found in an earlier walkthrough. To find the way, reach the lift room with the lava pool, and jump into the entrance on the left surrounded by spikes. Go left and up to reach the Life Sigil room.
  • Sacred Orb Location: Immortal Battlefield – In the flooded lower floors, swim to find the blue chest. Break the Life (3rd) Sigil to unlock the chest.
  • How to Get the Dinosaur Figure: Immortal Battlefield – Destroy the dragon statue with the Flare Gun or Rapier. It’s the statue under the flooded passage, directly above the locked blue chest.
  • Immortal Battlefield Ankh Door: Collecting the Dragon Figure will unlock gates in the Immortal Battlefield. Find Indra in the Altar, and talk to him to make the Ankh door appear.
  • How to Get the Pochete Key: Shrine of the Frost Giants – Before you can fight the Immortal Battlefield Guardian, we need the Pochete Key. Ride the double-lifts up to the top and enter the hidden door, behind the pillar on the right. You need the third Sigil to unlock the blue chest.
  • Jormungand Guardian Boss: The Immortal Battlefield boss rides a vehicle, and he’ll immediately crush you if you don’t have the Pochete Key. The Earth Spear is a good weapon against this boss. If you have the extra cash, you can also unleash the Revolver on him.
    • Mjolnir Location: Defeat Jormungand and you’ll earn the Mjolnir, a special treasure that can absorb lightning attacks — including lightning when you mess up in puzzle rooms.