La-Mulana 2 Walkthrough: Unlock Spiral Hell & Beat The Last Boss | Final Part

Welcome to the final part of our massive La-Mulana 2 walkthrough. It’s taken an insane amount of effort to condense 50 hours of gameplay into less than a dozen videos, but we’ve reached the end of our journey. There’s still a lot to do in the ruins of Eg-Lana, so let’s break it all down.

First, you’ll need to solve a puzzle to actually unlock the gate to Spiral Hell, the final dungeon in the game. It’s an extremely convoluted process, and involves travelling up into space, placing crystal skulls, and absorbing dissonance. There are six dissonances you need to absorb — but that’s only required to summon the last boss. Yes, this is complicated.

There’s a lot more than that. You’ll need to defeat sub-bosses, incant mantras, and do all the stuff you’ve probably come to expect in a La-Mulana game. Spiral Hell is a gauntlet of enemies and boss fights that you’ll need to survive to reach the final battle, and we’ve got it all for you to witness in the video above. Or keep scrolling for text explanations for each step.

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Unlocking Spiral Hell & Beating The Last Boss | Final Part


Time to summon the Ninth Child — there’s a lot of junk left to do. There are six dissonance puzzles we’ll need to solve (and absorb), a few sub-bosses to fight, an entrance to Spiral Hell to unlock, and finally a boss to defeat. The last boss, to be exact. This is a low-spoiler walkthrough, so we’re sticking to just the facts. Press Ctrl+F to find the stuff you need.

  • How to Get the Ring: Takamagahara Shrine – Upgrade item that makes your sub-weapons throw faster, travel farther, and do more damage. Requires the Key Fairy.
  • How to Get the Spaulder: Eternal Prison – Upgrade item that makes your attacks more powerful. Requires the Key Fairy.
  • How to Solve the Sakit’s Tomb Puzzle: Talk to Hades to expose the tomb itself.  To open the tomb, incant the “Moon” mantra. To solve the puzzle, you need to use the Giant’s Flute, and the Sacred Wine.
    • How to Get Sacred Wine: Defeat Fenrir, then incant “Moon”, “Mother”, and “Child” in front of the Mimir Statue that appears in the Fenrir arena room.  Use the Vessel on the Divine Liquour to gain the Sacred Wine.
    • Sakit’s Tomb Puzzle Solution: Use the Giant’s Flue in Sakit’s Tomb, and then use Sacred Wine on Sakit in the Eternal Prison.
  • Fenrir Sub-Boss: Can only be defeated with the Flame Torc. Attack the weird body-thing inside the dragon’s mouth to damage it.
  • THE SIX DISSONANCES: To summon the Ninth Child without dying, you need to absorb all six Dissonances in Eg-Lana.
    • Dissonance #1: Tomb of the Giants – Incant “Moon” mantra while standing in front of the headless giant statue in the Tomb of the Giants. Absorb the Dissonance after that.
    • Dissonance #2: Heaven’s Labyrinth – Speak with Typhon and you’ve defeated the Guardian Echidna. Select the third text option to make the Dissonance appear.
    • Dissonance #3: Valhalla – Return to the Vritra boss room and absorb the dissonance that appears here after defeating the boss.
    • Dissonance #4: Dark Lord’s Mausoleum – Like the previous dissonance, this one appears after defeating Aten-Ra. Return to the boss room to find it.
    • Dissonance #5: Eternal Prison – Appears in the Hel boss arena.
    • Dissonance #6: Nibiru – The last dissonance appears in Nibiru, an area we’ll unlock later in the guide. The dissonance appears after activating the Master Skull. Scroll down to learn how to reach Nibiru and activate the Master Skull.
  • How to Reach Nibiru: The last place we need to reach to unlock Spiral Hell is Nibiru. To unlock it, you need to solve the Pyramid puzzle in the Dark Lord’s Mausoleum.
    • How To Activate the Pyramid: Dark Lord’s Mausoleum – Incant the “Heaven, Sun, Moon, Sea, and Fire” mantras in the pyramid with the Destiny Tablet in your inventory. The platform will rise in the pyramid room.
    • Use the Pyramid Crystal on the rising platform to make it float. Dodge the traps, and you’ll reach the top of the pyramid. Tap [UP] to ride the platform up to Nibiru.
  • How to Activate the Master Skull: To survive in Nibiru, immediately equip the Clay Doll Outfit before the airlock opens. You can only survive in space with the Clay Doll Outfit equipped. Completing Nibiru allows you to manipulate the Corridors of Blood to unlock the door to Spiral Hell.
    • “Night” Mantra Obtained: Break the Death Sigil in Nibiru to make the text appear.
    • Master Skull Puzzle Solution: Place Crystal Skulls on all 12 skeleton bodies in Nibiru. After that, charge Mjolnir and charge the battery conduits in the Master Skull room.
    • If you’re missing one or more skulls, check out our Crystal Skull locations guide and video right here.
    • Last Dissonance Location: After activating the Master Skull in Nibiru, the last dissonance will appear.
  • Opening The Door To Spiral Hell: This is one of the final puzzles in the game, and there are many, many steps. Find the way to the boat in the Immortal Battlefield. Some of the Elders will meet you there.
    • Step #1: Corridors of Blood – Travel to every corridor of blood and turn the dial above the door until they’re locked into place. Just spin the dial until it is sealed. They’ll all point to the Immortal Battlefield, which is in the center of Eg-Lana.
    • Step #2: Actually Reaching The Spiral Hell Gate – Go to the Hall of Malice and break the hidden Death Sigil. It’s in the room that looks like a straight drop with only a ladder. Break the hidden wall on the right, then break the Death Sigil to make the door to the Immortal Battlefield. This leads to the Spiral Hell gateway, so you can open an easy shortcut.
    • Step #3: Getting the Secret Treasure Of Life – Enter the Altar in the Immortal Battlefield, through the top entrance door. From the platforms, jump up to the rope and you’ll swing across the cultists, saving your Dad and Grandpa. Just jump again to get the Secret Treasure of Life, inlaid in the giant statue’s forehead.
    • Step #4: Defeat Heimdall – Go to Annwfn and find Heimdall. To fight him, incant “Night” and the sub-boss battle will begin.
    • Step #5: Opening Spiral Hell – To actually open the gate, go to the Spiral Hell door in the Immortal Battlefield and incant “Mother and Child” to unlock the gate. It only works if you’ve completed all the previous steps.
  • How to Summon the 9th Child (Final Boss): Incant ALL mantras, all at the same time. The boss room is found at the very end of Spiral Hell. Don’t bother fighting every enemy or sub-boss. Many of them, you can just run past.
    • You must have absorbed all 6 dissonances before attempting this. If you didn’t, you’ll die.
    • To make the 9th Child vulnerable to damage, after it appears, incant “Sun and Moon”.
    • After the battle, you’ll have to escape Eg-Lana. Go through the Immortal Battlefield and use the Cavern exit to safely make it out.

 And that’s it for La-Mulana 2! It’s an insane game, but we had a lot of fun covering it.