La-Mulana 2: All 12 Crystal Skull Locations | Nibiru Puzzle Guide

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To solve one of the final puzzles in La-Mulana 2, you’re going to need to find all 12 crystal skulls. Beware of spoilers below, because I’m going to (partially) explain one of the biggest end-game areas. It’s a really cool plot-specific area too, so if you’re waiting to play this game and you get stuck on a place called “Nibiru” — then you can come back and learn where to get any Crystal Skulls you missed.

Crystal Skulls are seemingly useless treasures you’ll find seemingly at random as you explore the vast Eg-Lana Ruins. Eventually, you’ll get the “Skulls” app, which can be used to uncover secret messages on each skull, revealing some lore. The lore isn’t required, but the skulls are. You’ll need them to complete one of the final puzzles in La-Mulana. If you’re familiar with Indiana Jones And The Crystal Skull, or Crystal Skulls in general, you might know where this is all leading.

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All 12 Crystal Skull Locations | Nibiru Puzzle Guide


There are 12 Crystal Skulls required to complete the “Nibiru” puzzle in La-Mulana 2. After activating the pyramid capsule in the Dark Lord’s Mausoleum (solve the Dark Lord’s Pyramid puzzle) — you’ll travel to a space station called Nibiru. Immediately put on the Clay Doll Outfit or you’ll be sucked into the vacuum of space.

On the station, there are 12 glowing skeletons made of crystal. Place all 12 Crystal Skulls on these skeletons, then travel to the giant skull in the center. Charge all the battery conduits with the charged Mjolnir, hitting all three, then you can absorb the last dissonance with the Beherit. Absorbing the dissonances sets up the final sequence of events to reach Spiral Hell and fight the 9th Child — the last boss.

  • Skull #1: Roots of Yggdrasil – Acquired by defeating Fafnir in the first area of Eg-Lana. The Guardian of Roots can be difficult the first time you fight it, so you can save this battle for later in the game.
  • Skull #2: Annwfn – On the right-facing stone face near the center, climb down to a room with the submerged Birth Sigil. Break it to open the chest in the bottom-left corner.
  • Skull #3: Immortal Battlefield – Unlocked for completing the third Ratatoskr fight.
  • Skull #4: Icefire Treetop – Another Ratatoskr fight. This one appears after that annoyingly difficult room with the two swinging platforms and the ice pillar in the center. Past that, defeat Ratatoskr.
  • Skull #5: Gate of the Dead – Flip the map to place a weight on the pedestal in the treasure room, then flip it back around and use the Gale Fibula dash to cross the crushing traps.
  • Skull #6: Takamagahara Shrine – Under the room with the two floating wheel platforms, there’s a series of shafts with lifts. Destroy the Life Sigil under the middle lift to unlock the chest.
  • Skull #7: Heaven’s Labyrinth – Place a weight in a room with a large pillar to get it moving left and right. Jump inside the pillar itself to find a second pedestal you can place a weight on to unlock the chest in the top-left corner.
  • Skull #8: Ancient Chaos – Find the room with two statues. Hit both statues with shurikens to unlock the room below. Just go down to the chest in the lower-left corner and it will unlock. As long as you don’t anger the evil eyes.
  • Skull #9: Valhalla – Find the throne, and chant “Fire” and “Earth” mantras to unlock a hidden room. Place a weight and break the Death Sigil (located in Nibiru) to unlock the chest in the water.
  • Skull #10: Dark Lord’s Mausoleum – In Amanuet’s room, hold up a Crystal Skull item on the treasure chest below her door.
  • Skull #11: Eternal Prison – Doom – From the Corridor of Blood entrance, go left through a secret passage and stick to the upper path to reach a room with a chest. Place a weight on a hidden pedestal here to unlock the chest.
  • Skull #12: Hall of Malice – Break the Death Sigil (found in Nibiru) to unlock the chest. It’s right past the sub-boss Ladon.