La-Mulana 2 Walkthrough: Ancient Chaos Guardian Boss | Part 7

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Continue to delve deeper into La-Mulana 2 with our step-by-step puzzle guide, showing you how to complete every step of this massive Old-School Metroidvania. For this entry, we’re cleaning up and grabbing some useful items in the Shrine of the Frost Giants, the Immortal Battlefield, and Takamagahara Shrine. We’re also exploring a totally new area — the terrible Ancient Chaos. It’s a nightmare location.

There’s even a complex puzzle at the end of the dungeon. To solve the last puzzle, you’ll need to match certain sprite poses with your main character’s animation. It’s a lot trickier than it looks — you might not even know you could pull off some of these animations. There are only three, but we explain the whole thing later. Completing the big puzzle unlocks the Ankh door leading to yet another massive boss battle. Watch the whole thing unfold in the video above, or scroll down for a text summary.

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Walkthrough: Ancient Chaos Guardian Boss | Part 7


Time to enter the Ancient Chaos. In this video / walkthrough segment, we’re finding the Ancient Chaos entrance, then solving our way to the Guardian boss. Along the way, we’ll pick up some key items (Snow Shoes, Ice Cape, Ganesha’s Talisman, and more), unlock the Ankh, solve the Anu puzzle, and fight the guardian. Let’s get started on another quick run through.

  • How to Get the Snow Shoes: Immortal Battlefield – Complete all of Mulbruk’s explorations and she’ll give you her Snow Shoes. They let you walk on ice without slipping around.
  • How to Get the Ice Cloak: Immortal Battlefield – Below Mulbruk’s room, drop down the flowing water and break the Life sigil.
  • How to Get the Chakram: 3rd Sigil (Life) Required – In the Immortal Battlefield, find the room with two pressure plates and a tablet that says they both need to be pressed together. Throw down a Rolling Shuriken to get the lower plate while you jump on the upper plate.
  • How to Melt the Ice: Shrine of the Frost Giants – Incant three mantras (Earth, Moon, and Heaven) to make the ice melt in the Shrine of the Frost Giants. Do it in the room with the multi-armed Bergelmir statue.
  • How to Get the Gauntlet: 3rd Sigil (Life) Required – Break the ceiling above the Bergelmir Statue, then destroy the Life sigil to unlock the chest. The gauntlet increases your whip attack speed.
  • How to Get Ganesha’s Talisman: Snow Shoes / Gale Fibula Required – Ganesha’s Talisman allows you to hold more than 999 gold in your inventory. It’s required for later. Sold by a vendor in the Shrine of the Frost Giants for 200 gold.
  • Balor Sub-Boss: Found in the Shrine of the Frost Giants. He’s just a big lumbering robot. Nothing special here. Defeat Balor to get the Clay Doll outfit after breaking the Life sigil.
    • How to Get the Clay Doll Outfit: 3rd Sigil (Life) Required – Allows you to enter lava, poison, freezing water, or corruption without taking damage. Slows your movement when equipped.
  • Ancient Chaos Entrance: You can enter Ancient Chaos from the Takamakahara Shrine. Go through the poisoned lava to find a blocked door. Whip the platform above the door to unlock the passage.
  • Ki-sikil-lil-la-ke Sub-Boss: Ancient Chaos – Found early in the Ancient Chaos area. Just avoid the bird and aim your shots at the sub-boss’s head to defeat him. If you don’t hit the bird, you won’t get zapped.
  • How to Get the Ancient Chaos Ankh Jewel: Stand on the left-most tablet until a pedestal appears. Place a weight on the pedestal and the treasure chest will unlock. The tablet is found above the previous sub-boss.
  • Get The “Wind” Mantra: Ancient Chaos – Found at the bottom of the giant spiral tower. Not hidden. You can scan it immediately.
  • How To Solve The Anu Guardian Puzzle: To solve this puzzle, you’ll need to perform specific animations. There are three animations you need to perform:
    • First: Simple. Just look up!
    • Second: Push a block in front of a prayer spot, then unequip the Gloves and push against the block again.
    • Third: Fall to a prayer spot from a high enough area that you’re stunned when you land.
  • Anu, Ancient Chaos Guardian:
    • Scriptures: Take the Scriptures after defeating Anu. The scriptures makes you invulnerable to bats. Handy!