La-Mulana 2 Walkthrough: Icefire Treetop Guardian Boss | Part 8

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March into the mire of the Underworld, Heaven’s Labyrinth and the Halls of Malice as we continue to whip our way through the endless puzzles of La-Mulana 2. This time, we’re going to complete the Icefire Treetops, but because this is La-Mulana 2, that requires getting items from all over the game world. We’ll revisit that insane Dark Lord’s Step puzzle for a second round, reactivate Typhon in the Heaven’s Labyrinth, and finally reveal the Ankh Door to Surtr.

La-Mulana 2 is the ultimate metroidvania. It is, simple, the biggest, craziest, and most difficult open-ended platforming puzzle game around. There’s an overabundance of creative bosses, weird challenges, and items to collect. It’s almost too much. We can barely explain how to make progress in this game — especially when making progress is insanely complicated. We’re just going to trust you can explore most of the game on your own, and we’re sticking to just showing you how to get the major items, upgrades, and solutions.

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Walkthrough: Icefire Treetop Guardian Boss | Part 8


No more messing around. It’s time to take on the Icefire Treetops Guardian. Before doing that, you’ll need to collect a whole bunch of items, including: the Crystal Pyramid, the Bronze Shield, the Ancient Battery, the Cog of Antiquity, and more. We’re also solving a whole bunch of major puzzles in Heaven’s Labyrinth and the Dark Lord’s Mausoleum. Really, we’re doing a bunch of stuff. So let’s get started.


  • Triggering Alsedana’s Funeral: Complete enough in the game, and you’ll eventually trigger Alsedana’s Funeral. You’ll get a message, telling you to return to the village to witness the funeral.
    • How to Get the Mulana Talisman: The Mulana Talisman will remove the curse from cursed chests. You’ll get this item after witnessing the funeral. If you see a chest with a strange purple aura, use the talisman to remove it.
  • How to Get the Bronze Shield: La-Mulana Ruins – Found in the Ruins, you can get this when you grab the Feather and Double Jump. Go to the early white tent and double-jump right.
  • How to Get the Pyramid Crystal: Roots of Yggdrasil – In the room with the giant rock that you can knock down, destroy the Earth Sigil in a different room, then break the Life Sigil next to the chest. Breaking the Earth Sigil causes the rock to fall — or you can break it, then teleport back to a save point before getting crushed.
  • Ammit Sub-Boss: Dark Lord’s Mausoleum – You’ll need to beat this guy to solve the secondary Dark Lord’s Step Puzzle. If you don’t kill Ammit, you’ll be killed as you enter the scales room.
  • How to Solve the Alternate Dark Lord’s Step Puzzle: Dark Lord’s Mausoleum – This time, you need to incant these mantras in order; Heaven, Sun, Earth, Heaven, and Fire. That will open the door to the scales room in the room with all the tablets.
  • How to Solve Maat’s Feather Puzzle (Anubis’ Puzzles Access): You must remove all weights from your inventory. Maat’s Feather allows you to talk to Osiris.
  • How to Move Rooms in Heaven’s Labyrinth: Incant the Heaven Mantra in the Save Point Room to readjust the room layout in Heaven’s Labyrinth.
    • Typhon Activation Puzzle (Start): Rotate the rooms in Heaven’s Labyrinth until both lights are shining in the Typhon room. After that, place weights on the pedestals that appear.
  • Glasya-Labolas Sub-Boss: When Typhon is activated, a bunch of sub-bosses will appear. This guy is a weird wolf / bird hybrid. After beating him, stay in the center to avoid getting killed by the trap.
  • Sacred Orb Obtained: Heaven’s Labyrinth – Find the blue chest in the upper-left. Just whip the chest instead of placing a weight.
  • How to Get the Ancient Battery: Immortal Battlefield – Incant Earth, Sea, Fire, and Wind Mantras in the Svipdagr Sub-Boss room. Drop down, place a weight, and break the Life sigil. To get the battery, jump in through a secret wall to the left of the chest.
    • Place the Ancient Battery in vase-shaped depressions.
  • Scylla Sub-Boss: Defeat the boss to access a room with two large statues and an Ancient Battery vase.
  • How to Get the Cog of Antiquity: Takagarahama Shrine – Travel to the Flare Gun room and incant the following mantras: Heaven, Earth, Sea, Fire and Wind. That will open a gate that allows you to drop down through a hole into the post-Scylla statue room.
    • You need to place the Ancient Battery in the vase-shaped depression below to unlock the chest.
  • How to Use the Cog of Antiquity: Immortal Battlefield – Use it in the Ratatoskr Sub-Boss room.
  • How to Get the Lamp of Time: After using the Cog of Antiquity, you’ll reach an alternate path that eventually leads to the Lamp of Time chest. In the room, break the sigil by entering an alternate path into the same room.
  • Gryphon Sub-Boss: Break the Life Seal and turn the room until an elevator rises up.
  • How to Get Perfume (And Kill Blue Skeletons):
  • How to Get Mobile Super X3+: This items allows you to equip more apps at once.
  • Hall of Malice Entrance: Heaven’s Labyrinth – To open the door, defeat the four sub-bosses in Heaven’s Labyrinth.
  • Underworld Entrance: Accessed from the Corridor of Blood. Incant the Mantras Sun, Moon, and Sea in the Corridor of Blood at the blocked passage.
    • Use the Behelit to move the Corridor of Blood. The Corridor of Blood is like a map — the top is Valhalla, and the bottom is the Underworld.
  • Solving the Riddles of Anubis:
    • Step #1: Attack the innermost barrier from below to make it disappear.
    • Step #2: Incant with no Mantras at all, in front of the spinning disk in the room left of the Riddle of Anubis.
    • Step #3: Fall into the lava pit with a door at the bottom. Stick around and take damage for awhile for this to trigger. You cannot wear the Clay Doll Outfit.
  • How to Reveal the Icefire Treetop Ankh Door: Speak to Osiris and say “Gimme some treasure.” to get the Light Scythe.
    • Give the Light Scythe to Sinmara in the Icefire Treetop to reveal the Ankh Door.
  • Getting the Key Fairy: Eternal Prison – You can purchase the Key Fairy for 400 gold. It will reveal secret rooms and hidden stuff. Very useful!
  • How to Solve Charon’s Puzzle: Give all your gold to Shennong, then obtain a single piece of gold (1g) — now you can talk to Charon and he’ll move you across the water.
  • How to Get the Power Band: Use the Mulana Treasure on the Cursed Chest.
  • How to Get the La-Mulana 2 App: Requires the Mjolnir with the Power Band. Charge the Mjolnir, then shoot lighting straight up into the Mjolnir Battery above.
  • Doppelganger Sub-Boss: To defeat the Doppelganger. Requires the Bronze Shield to find the Entrance Door — it flashes green. Also, bring the charged Mjolnir with the Power Band equipped.
  • How to Get the Death Sigil (Final Sigil): Break the Life Seal in the Doppelganger Room.
  • How to Get the Steel Ball Whip: Valhalla – This is the best weapon upgrade in the game. Find it in the puzzle room in Valhalla that requires all four sigils.
  • Surtr, Icefire Treetop Guardian: Surtr is a huge boss that drops stone blocks from the ceiling, while smashing the blocks beneath you with his fists. There’s no puzzle or secret weakness here. You just need a lot of health and a fully upgraded whip to bring this guy down fast.
    • How to Get the Flame Torch: After defeating Surtr, use the Mulana Talisman to lift the curse on the chest and collect it.