La-Mulana 2 Walkthrough: Halls of Malice Sub-Bosses & Guardian | Part 10

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In the most straightforward sequence of La-Mulana 2 yet, we’re facing off against a whopping 11 sub-bosses in the Halls of Malice. This place is stacked with special boss encounters, and many of them are incredibly weird, grotesque, and dangerous. You can watch us beat them all in the video above — including the Guardian at the end of the Halls of Malice, the Echidna.

There aren’t too many puzzles here. If you have the Cog of Antiquity, you’ll be able to enter the True Halls of Malice, an even deadlier version of the area that’s packed with an insane amount of boss fights. Each boss is totally unique, but there are great rewards at the end. You’ll be able to grab the Nemean Fur, which provides protection against all damage types, and the Angel Shield, which is the best shield in the game. They’re both basically required to defeat the Guardian. Let’s get right into the thick of it.

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Halls of Malice Sub-Bosses & Guardian | Part 10


Today, we’re all about the Halls of Malice. There are 11 sub-bosses and a Guardian to defeat. There are some puzzles and secret, but they’re pretty minimal in this area. The tricky part is acquiring everything we need beforehand — check out the previous guides to get the Cog on Antiquity. We’ll also get the Angel Shield and the Nemean Fur. Both will protect you, and make the fight against Echidna (Halls of Malice Guardian) possible to defeat.

  • Breaking the Life Sigil: Halls of Malice – Breaking the Life Sigil, one room below the entrance, makes the Cog of Antiquity spot appear.
  • How to Reveal the True Halls of Malice: Use the Cog of Antiquity in the Halls of Malice to reveal the True Halls of Malice.
    • While in the True Halls of Malic, Fast Travel will be disabled. You can leave the area through the door to the Heaven’s Labyrinth. The bosses will spawn, and you can fight through the Halls of Malice.
  • Sphinx Sub-Boss: The first boss in the gauntlet, the Sphinx jumps left and right, creating bubbles. Whip the head and use the shield to block the damaging bubbles that pop out.
    • After some bosses, you’re locked on a path and you can’t go back to save or heal. Not so with the Sphinx. Leave through the Heaven’s Labyrinth door to save / heal.
  • Ladon Sub-Boss: Drop down, and you’re locked into the gauntlet. Ladon can be skipped. He’s a giant skull with snakes shooting projectiles. Hold your shield and whip the snakes to defeat them. The skull slowly moves left, and will knock you down the hole if you don’t defeat him fast enough.
  • Phaia Sub-Boss: Next in line is a strange woman riding a boar. She summons green circles and launches them at you. Don’t bother trying to fight her at range. Just stand on a platform and whip until she’s defeated.
    • After taking some damage, she’ll split with the boar. They share the same health bar.
    • After defeating her, you’ll be able to fight enemies and grind for more health if you’re low.
  • Karkinos Sub-Boss: A giant crab that covers two screens. This is an extremely difficult fight, so go with full health. If you fall into the lower room with the crab’s legs, its health will reset. Stand in the middle platforms to avoid the bubbles, and jump to dodge its claw attacks.
    • Drop Earth Spears on the eye while jumping, and watch for its deadly two-claw attack. It covers the entire arena, except for the far left / right corners.
  • Delphyne Sub-Boss: Stand on the right side, and watch for this snake woman’s giant axe attacks. If you’re too close to her, her axe can’t actually hit you. Whip the head to damage her. She’s very easy compared to the previous boss.
  • Lernaean Hydra Sub-Boss: This baby head with tentacles isn’t too hard either. Hold up your shield and whip the ends of the tentacles that shoot projectiles. It will slowly move left and right in a predictable pattern.
  • Nemean Lion Sub-Boss: An even simpler boss. It’s a lion. Stand close, and use the fast flail whip to defeat him in a matter of seconds.
  • Chimera Sub-Boss: A very weird boss. This three-headed monster jumps around on a single chicken leg and launches projectiles from a scorpion tale. The three heads are on a swiveling disc, and you can only damage the heads when they’re in the foreground. That’s about the center.
  • Colchian Dragon Sub-Boss: Another very weird monster. This thing is a dragon skull with a spine-like tentacle that slowly moves left and right. Avoid the creature, stand between the spike tail, and you’ll defeat it fast.
  • Cerberus Sub-Boss: The hardest boss in this area is a giant slug-like monster with three dog-heads on tentacle necks. If you’re struggling, save your bullets for this fight. The heads move around rapidly and shoot projectiles so fast.
    • After killing the three heads, one final head will appear. A woman’s head is on the tail, and she’ll shoot a ton of projectiles downward. You can’t get close, but if you only use shurikens, she can’t hurt you at all.
  • Orthus Sub-Boss: The last sub-boss is all on his own, so you can leave and save. This creature is a giant blob of gross slime. Just whip and destroy all three heads.
    • How to Reveal the Halls of Malice Ankh Door: Defeat Orthus and the Ankh door will appear.
  • How to Get the Nemean Fur: Halls of Malice – Reduces damage taken from all sources. Go through the false wall in the Nemean Lion boss room, it’s on the upper-left corner. Go through it.
    • The chest is already unlocked. To reach it, place a weight on the pedestal and dodge the falling pillar. Cling to the left side of the pillar with the Claws, and ride it up, then leap across to the chest.
  • How to Get the Angel Shield: Halls of Malice – The best shield in the game. Required for the fight against Echidna, the Halls of Malice Guardian.
    • The shield is sold in the Halls of Malice shop. To the right of the giant crab sub-boss, wear the Clay outfit to walk through the purple laser.
    • The Angel Shield costs 1,000 gold.
  • Echidna, Guardian of the Halls of Malice: What might be the most difficult boss in the game. Echidna is a naked top-half of a witch-y woman in a strange sigil. She launches a constant stream of projectile attacks that are hard to dodge. You need to block them with the Angel Shield. At her second form, bring a revolver and shoot her to finish her off.
    • Giant’s Flute Obtained: Requires the Mulana Talisman acquired from the funeral ceremony to open the seal on the chest. Drops when Echidna is defeated.