La-Mulana 2 Walkthrough: 7 Gates of the Underworld & Eternal Prison Guardian | Part 9

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Welcome to the Underworld. In Part 9 of our La-Mulana 2 walkthrough, we’re invading the Eternal Prison (basically Hell) and defeating the Guardian of the area. We’re also completing several big-time puzzles that are going to take a lot of time for any sane person to solve.

We’re going to get through the 7 Gates of the Undead, finally reveal the secret true form of Ratatoskr, and solve a whole bunch of puzzles in the Eternal Prison. There’s even a quick guide in the video above, explaining how to earn 1,000 gold fast for the harp item you (kind of) need to solve a big puzzle.

There’s a lot going on in this twisty game, so let’s get started. Check out the video above, or scroll down for text summaries of each step. You can also find previous walkthroughs and more item guides in the link bank, right here.

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7 Gates of the Underworld | Part 9


For this part of our walkthrough, we’re traveling to the Eternal Prison to solve some big, big puzzles. The biggest puzzle is the “7 Gates of the Underworld” — on top of that, we’re also defeating Hel, the Guardian of the Eternal Prison. Watch the video at the top of the page, or scroll down for text tips explaining some of the video content in detail.

  • How to Get the Axe: Heaven’s Labyrinth – Talk to Baphomet after solving the Typhon puzzle. Then you can return to Heaven’s Labyrinth to solve the puzzle.
  • Money Fairy Location: Dark Lord’s Mausoleum – Requires Gale Fibula / Claw. There’s a door at the end of a path with crushers. Sprint under the crushers and talk to the Fairy Guild and buy the Money Fairy for 300 gold. You’ll need to grind for money for a future puzzle.
  • Items You Need To Purchase:
    • Harp: 1000 gold – The harp doesn’t work on Eurydice in the Eternal Prison. Buy it and play it for him to get a clue for the next step of his puzzle.
    • Enga Musica: 50 gold – Buy this instead. This is required to solve the puzzle with Eurydice in the Eternal Prison. The music list is sold by a pig vendor in the Icefire Treetop.
  • How to Solve the Eurydice Puzzle: Eternal Prison – Play 27. Eden from the Enga Musica while standing in front of Eurydice.
  • How to Solve the Gurm Puzzle: Eternal Prison -Incant Earth, Sun & Fire while standing in front of the Mimir Statue, in the Gurm room. Make sure to get out of the way of the statue after it awakes.
  • How to Get the Bomb: Eternal Prison – Requires Key Fairy & Life Sigil. The Key Fairy will reveal a Life Sigil in a room with a sealed weapon.
  • ‘Mother’ Mantra Obtained: Eternal Prison – Also in the Eternal Prison, if you take the key Fairy around you’ll find the key fairy showing a weird symbol. Throw the bomb at the symbol to reveal the ‘Mother’ mantra.
  • ‘Child’ Mantra Obtained: Inferno Cavern – Incant Scream, Wish (Wind) and Mother in the Inferno Cavern, which can be accessed through the Village of Departure. Go to the Ekidna room.
  • Ratatoskr Sub-Boss (Final Encounter): Eternal Prison – Accessed through the Gurm statue room. Lure him into a ram attack and just whip him until he’s down.
    • Ankh Jewel Obtained: For defeating the Ratatoskr in Eternal Prison, you’ll get the Ankh Jewel Ratatoskr stole so long ago.
  • How to Solve the Hraesvelgr Puzzle: Eternal Prison – Incant ‘Moon’ / ‘Missing’ mantra in all 5 Ratatoskr sub-boss rooms. Go to the strange room with the five seals in the Eternal Prison, and break all the seals by incanting in the five sub-boss Ratatoskr rooms listed below.
    • Room #1: Roots of Yggdrasil
    • Room #2: Icefire Treetops (Fire)
    • Room #3: Icefire Treetops (Ice)
    • Room #4: Immortal Battlefield
    • Room #5: Eternal Prison
  • Hraesvelgr Sub-Boss: Required to access the 7 Gates of the Underworld Puzzle – Chant ‘Moon’ / ‘Missing’ in all five Ratatoskr boss rooms. Flares are a good weapon against him. He’s as tough as a full Guardian boss.
    • Defeating him will summon one of the 7 gates of the Underworld you need.
  • Vodofnir Sub-Boss: Icefire Treetop – Incant Sun and Moon at the Totem. The lava will lower and reveal the Sub-Boss arena.
  • How To Solve The 7 Gates of the Underworld Puzzle: To solve this puzzle, you need to enter the 7 Gates of the Underworld in a very specific order. Start from the Vodofnir Sub-Boss room, and go through the rest of the doors in the order listed below. If you go through the gates in the wrong order, you’ll die instantly at the end.
    • Icefire Treetop [D-6]
    • Eternal Prison: Gloom [E-1]
    • Eternal Prison: Doom [C-7]
    • Eternal Prison: Gloom [D-5]
    • Eternal Prison: Gloom [C-6]
    • Eternal Prison: Doom [E-4]
    • Eternal Prison: Gloom [B-2]
  • How To Reveal the Eternal Prison Ankh Door: Simply talk to Hel and tell her you’re going to fight her to make the Ankh Door appear.
  • Hel, Guardian of the Eternal Prison: This gross boss is only vulnerable when you attack the jewel in her chest. She’s a grotesque boss. Ride the platforms that appears to hit her, and be prepared for multiple different forms.
    • Book of the Dead: You’ll get the Book of the Dead for defeating Hel.
  • Dissonance Absorbed: Eternal Prison – This is one of the several dissonance areas you need to absorb to access Spiral Hell and fight the final boss.