WW2 Zombies: Darkest Shore DLC – How To Unlock Secret Playable Characters

Like ‘The Final Reich’ before it, ‘The Darkest Shore’ includes a whole bunch of secret playable characters you can unlock. Once again, Call of Duty: WW2 doesn’t give you any information about these characters — no list of challenges or preview portraits or even hints. Instead, the developers leave all the legwork up to the community.

The tasks to unlock this whole new group are seemingly random sometimes. It isn’t always clear what you need to do, and discovering these secret playable characters on your own is pretty unlikely. These insane challenges are best attempted by only the most dedicated players. You’ll have to survive high rounds with restrictions, collect treasure zombies, or just do weird things. Each playable character has multiple requirements, and each challenge can be completed in separate playthrough. It doesn’t have to be done all at once.

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How To Unlock Secret Playable Characters

[Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for more character unlock requirements.]

The following characters will unlock if you complete the challenges listed below. Challenges do not need to be completed in the same session — often, you’ll only be able to complete one challenge per session.

  • Bloodraven Hunter
    • Collect all parts (A through C) that drop after killing Treasure Zombies in the Darkest Shore.
  • Deathraven Survivalist
    • Kill all zombies in the initial beach rush with headshots.
    • Kill all zombies in the initial beach rush with melee attacks.
    • Kill all zombies in the initial beach rush while crouching.
  • The Hunter from Seville
    • Get 15,000 jolts before Wave 15.
    • Complete the Main Easter Egg with 30,000 jolts.
    • Get 30,000 jolts before Wave 15 (or 20?)
  • Deathraven Hunter
    • Reach Wave 21 without opening any doors.
    • Reach Wave 21 without sprinting.
    • Reach Wave 25 without opening any doors.
  • Deathraven Mountaineer
    • Don’t take any damage when activating the corpse gate in the Submarine Pens for 2 minutes.
    • Get headshots after activating the corpse gate event.
    • Get Propeller Trap kills during the corpse gate event. (Could be cumulative or a certain amount in one trap use.)
  • Bloodraven Survivalist
    • Escape without using perks. (Or armor?)
    • Escape without players going down or needing to revive during the final boss fight.
    • Escape without players taking any damage from the Spider zombies’ special attacks. (The saw or blast attacks.)
  • The Mountaineer from Ural
    • Obtain the Pommel without taking damage during the last ritual.
    • Obtain the Pommel without using the Ripsaw to get ranged kills.
    • Obtain the Pommel without ever using consumables, mods, or specials.
  • The Survivalist from Hanoi
    • Escape the map without using traps.
    • More unknown challenges required.
  • V.I.B.
    • Don’t let the artillery loader zombie take any damage when escorting it to the Artillery Bunker.
    • When using the Artillery Bunker cannon to shoot incoming German Ships, don’t ever miss.
    • More unknown challenges required.
  • Bloodraven Mountaineer (Grousten Haus Only)
    • Survive 30 waves without any players going down.
    • Survive 20 waves without taking any damage.
    • Defeat the Brenner boss zombie that spawns on wave 50.

There are still a few characters that aren’t listed here yet that the community hasn’t discovered. We’ll update the list with more information as it comes out.


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