Super Mario Odyssey: All Sphynx Locations & Quiz Answers | Secrets Guide

Solve the secrets of the Sphynx with a complete list of locations (and quiz answers) for every question-asking statue in Super Mario Odyssey. The Sphynx is a talkative guy, and he’ll always give out an easy question first. Solve it, and you can talk to him again for four more questions. Get those right, and you’ll earn a bonus Power Moon.

Not only does the Sphynx ask questions, he also likes to hide in the sky. Use the green binoculars to find his location in several kingdoms listed below — and when you’re done answering his quizzes, you can find the big man in the game’s final challenge. Take a return trip for one last secret question and answer session.

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All Sphynx Locations & Quiz Answers | Secrets Guide

The Sphynx is a large statue found throughout Super Mario Odyssey — sometimes you’ll need to spot it, and sometimes you’ll need to talk to it. If you talk to the Sphynx, it will give you a quiz. Get all the answers right, and the Sphynx will usually reveal a bonus level. Always try talking to the Sphynx after that! Sometimes they’ll ask more bonus questions.

Sphynx #1: Wooded Kingdom – Found in the Wooded area right at the start of the kingdom.

  • Q: What does Bowser want from this land?
    • A: Flowers

Sphynx #2: Sand Kingdom – From the Round Tower Ruins, drop down to the north face of the large ruins area to find the Sphynx chilling on the back wall.

  • Q: What does Bowser want from this land?
    • A: Ring
  • Q: The one who gallops across the sand… how many gold coins are required to get on his back?
    • A: 30
  • Q: The foreign visitor that traveled by car — what stopped his journey?
    • A: Ice
  • Q: Atop the Inverted Pyramid, how many statues of the sand gallopers are there?
    • A: 5
  • Q: What is my name?
    • A: Sphynx

Sphynx #3: Seaside Kingdom – From the Glass Palace, travel to the deep trench in the center-northern edge of the map. Sink deep to find the Sphynx in the center of a large underwater platform.

  • Q: What is the name of this land?
    • A: Bubblaine
  • Q: How many fountains did the monster Bowser seal?
    • A: Four
  • Q: When you, brave traveler, turn into a red fish, what ability did you get when you shake the Joy-con?
    • A: Attack
  • Q: There is a room in this kingdom that can only be entered if you’re wearing the chosen clothing. What is that clothing?
    • A: Resort Outfit
  • Q: Why am I here?
    • A: To ask questions

Sphynx #4: Moon Kingdom – Found under the Ever-After Hill warp flag. Drop down near the bridge.

  • Q: What type of flower did Mario offer Peach?
    • A: Rocket Flower
  • Q: Which animal can’t be found in this land?
    • A: Sheep
  • Q: The objects that fell on all kingdoms were what kind of rock?
    • A: Moon
  • Q: Where is the secret entrance to the Wedding Hall in this kingdom?
    • A: Below the bell
  • Q: How did I travel to this place?
    • A: Floated by airship sail

Sphynx #5: Cascade Kingdom – Complete the main story and return. Look up in the sky — the Sphynx is flying around on a platform with a sail in the sky! Zoom in with the binoculars near the Odyssey to earn a star.

Sphynx #6: Metro Kingdom – Complete the main story and return. Ride the electricity wire from the Odyssey down to the park and hop into the binoculars. Look toward the tower in the distance, then look high and left for a Sphynx on a sky sail.

Sphynx #7: Bowser’s Kingdom – Complete the main story and return. At the Main Courtyard warp point, use the nearby green binoculars and look to the sky. This time, the sky sail with the Sphynx is to the right of the tall castle path ahead.

Sphynx #8: Darker Side – The final Sphynx is encountered in the Darker Side, while riding the vine path — don’t miss him! He’s to the left on a large platform. Talk to him to get a large heart item! Return after completing all the quizzes and sphinx locations to get his final questions.

  • Q: What is the only kingdom that I, the great Sphynx, have not visited?
    • A: Mushroom Kingdom
  • Q: Which of these unique attributes do I not possess?
    • A: Gardening Skill
  • Q: What will you remember most about your adventures through all the kingdoms?
    • A: Talking to a Sphynx
  • Q: Why do I ask people questions?
    • A: It’s a chance to talk
  • Q: What final words am I saving for you?
    • A: Thank you!

You won’t get a Power Moon for answering the final set of questions, but you will get a whole ton of bonus gold coins. Making friends and earning cash!

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