Pokemon Sun & Moon: How to Quickly Hatch Eggs | Fast Breeding Trick


There’s no bike in Pokemon Sun and Moon, so trainers looking to hatch eggs super-fast can’t rely on that two-wheeled solution any longer. Instead, enterprising players have figured out a new way to make breeding a breeze — using Tauros!

The new Poke Ride ability in Pokemon Sun and Moon allows you to… ride Pokemon! And each Pokemon has a different attribute. Tauros, for instance, can charge and smash through boulders blocking certain paths. Each Pokemon you can ride has its own unique attribute, but today we only need Tauros. Luckily, Tauros is also the first Pokemon you can ride, so you’ll always have him (or her!) by the time you can start hatching eggs anyway.

How to Quickly Hatch Eggs | Fast Breeding Trick

In Pokemon Sun and Moon, hatching eggs is based not on real-time, but the amount of steps you take in-game. Time is measured in your steps, so you can’t just idle outside the Nursery.

  • To Breed Pokemon, go to the Nursery (Route 4) and drop off two compatible Pokemon. Compatible Pokemon of opposite gender can breed — or Ditto can breed with anyone!

Don’t worry, the method is quick and (relatively!) painless. Hatching eggs is seemingly much faster than in previous Pokemon games.

  • What You’ll Need:
    • Tauros (Ride Pokemon)
    • Have reached Route 4
    • A few minutes to spin the 3DS stick in circles.
    • OPTIONAL: The Oval Charm will speed up the breeding process. Get it after completing the story.
      • The Oval Charm is only useful at increasing your chances of getting an egg.
    • OPTIONAL: Find a Pokemon with the Flame Body ability. This will cause held eggs to hatch faster.

When you’re ready, drop off your Pokemon at the Nursery and let’s get started spamming steps.


Hatching / Breeding Super-Speed Method

  1. Step into the tiny enclosed space south of the Nursery, across the dirt path. There’s a broken section of fence and a small area blocked in with hay.
  2. Stand in the center of this tiny area and summon Tauros. When you’re riding him, you can begin.
  3. Hold down [B] to charge and spin the stick in a circle.
    • You should remain inside the small enclosure as you spin!
  4. Spinning while charging (holding [B]) counts toward your steps total.

To see if an egg has been produced, watch the ranch-hand girl near the Nursery entrance. She’ll fold her arms when you have an egg ready. Talk to her to get your egg.

  • Once you have an egg, continue spinning and charging to hatch it.
    • A Pokemon in your party with Flame Body will make eggs hatch faster.

That’s just about everything you need to know about fast egg breeding / hatching.  If you want to see which Pokemon are compatible with each other, check out the complete list of Egg groups right here.

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