Oddworld: Soulstorm – How To Save All Mudokons | The Sanctum

The spooky Sanctum is a difficult Oddworld: Soulstorm level, but an easy challenge if you’re aiming to save all the Mudokons. There are only four Mudokons here — and while they can be missed, they’re all right at the start of the level. During the dark trek to the Keeper’s hidden lair, you’ll find four sick Mudokons in various rocky alcoves and secret areas. If you’re using your flashlight, you’ll find these guys pretty easily.

Basically, you just need to take your time. And it makes sense there are no Mudokons in the Trial Chambers! That’s a location for Abe only, so this is a very low-population level. The Trial Chambers introduce a new enemy — the deadly fleech. These critters stay in the dark, and crawl out of the woodwork to rip Abe apart.

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Mudokon #1: All four Mudokons are located before you actually reach the Keeper and begin the Trial. You’ll find four sick Mudokons in the dark caverns — use the flashlight (hand torch) to navigate. You’ll encounter the first Mudokon near a ledge. You really can’t miss him.

Mudokon #2: After finding the first Mudokon, go left instead of dropping down. There’s a secret area with a Bird Portal and a second Mudokon — if you’re careful, you’ll spot this Mudokon (and Bird Portal) earlier.

Mudokon #3: The next Mudokon is found in a dark corner on the lower-left. After dropping down a vertical shaft, you’ll find him. Go right, drop down, and look left to find the Bird Portal in a secret area.

Secret Area + Mudokon #4: Continuing down, you’ll drop through another vertical shaft. At the bottom, look in the lower-right corner for a small hole Abe can roll through. It leads to the last Mudokon and a Bird Portal.