Resident Evil Village Gets Two New Demos

During today’s Resident Evil showcase, we got lots of new footage of the upcoming game Village. We also learned that the game will get two additional demos before the game’s release, called “Village” and “Castle.” PlayStation owners will get both demos earlier than other platforms.

Unlike the “Maiden” demo, which is focused on telling a side story, the two new demos will be about the gameplay and combat. The “Village” demo “allows you to check out the snow-covered remnants of the titular village for 30 minutes, giving you a glimpse into the frost-capped remains of what once was, and perhaps giving you a taste of what the game’s combat has to offer. Better keeps your wits about you.” The “Castle” demo, “will drop you into the halls of Castle Dimitrescu where you’ll be given a separate 30 minute experience that is sure to be a bloody good time. Unlike the expansive village, the castle is full of narrow hallways and cramped corridors that make it difficult to tell what could be around each corner.”

Both individual demos will last for up to 30 minutes. There’s a separate demo of both together where you can spend 60 minutes divvied up between the two locations however much you like. The three separate demo periods come in a single download, and PS4/PS5 owners can pre-download it now. PlayStation gamers can access the first two demos for a period of 8 hours each, on April 17-18 (Village) and April 24-25 (Castle). The multiplatform 60-minute demo will be available May 1-2. Check out the official times here.

In addition to the demos, we got some new story details, including our first look at the mysterious Mother Miranda, as well as Chris Redfield being uncharacteristically dark and brooding. We also see (or rather hear) Ethan Winters being much more vocal about his situation than he was in Resident Evil 8. Also, if you were wondering — yes, we get to see Lady Dimitrescu again.

Source: PlayStation Blog