Hitman 3: Get Abducted By Aliens In An Out Of This World Easter Egg | Secret Level Exit Guide

We’ve had gold idols summoning talking hippos, now we have UFO abductions in Hitman 3. This hilarious, absurd level exit was discovered by prominent secret-finder Birdman_Drew who also found the Flamingo Armageddon Easter egg in Hitman 2. They’re a true Easter egg connoisseur, and all credit for this find goes to them.

It’s all about taking pictures, inputting codes, and escaping the level via alien intervention. It’s a cute little Easter egg like we haven’t really seen before — level exits are special methods by which Agent 47 leaves the map. You can unlock different level exits by performing different tasks in a level. Usually finding a key to an escape boat, or unlocking a special door with computer access. There really haven’t been joke escapes until now. This one doesn’t even complete a challenge! It’s all just for fun, so learn how to do it (and what happens) below.

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There’s a UFO Easter egg waiting to be discovered in Berlin: Apex Predator. This is actually a hidden Level Exit — triggering the first step will make the Level Exit unlock after you eliminate the five ICA targets.

  • To unlock the UFO Level Exit, go to the Club Entrance and around to the right of the big line. Find the Entrance Shortcut Door — to the right of the door is UFO graffiti on the concrete wall.
    • Use your camera and take a picture of the UFO graffiti.

After taking a picture of the UFO graffiti, an intel item will appear in your menu. Now you just have to complete the level as normal — eliminate the 5 ICA targets, then return to the Gas Station up the hill from the club.

Use the telephone booth back to the Gas Station — input the code 1-9-9-3 and something special will happen.

Agent 47 is abducted! Green light envelopes the area, tractor beaming him up into the bowels of an unseen alien ship. So what’s so special about the number 1993? That’s the year the X-Files first started. The truth really is out there.

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