Hitman 3 Berlin: Apex Predator | Sniper Assassin Guide

Sniper Assassin is a different kind of challenge. It’s the same as it’s been since the start of the rebooted series in Hitman 3, but it can still be one of the trickiest challenges — even trickier than Silent Assassin, Suit Only. We’ve found a simple method for completing the Sniper Assassin in the third level, Berlin, so we’re sharing it with all our friends in the World of Assassination. This is how to earn Sniper Assassin, Rule of Threes, and 47th Trick in the Book all at the same time.

It all comes down to a key. The Radio Tower is the perfect sniping position in Berlin, but actually getting in there isn’t easy. You’ll need a unique key that one of the 10 targets on the map is carrying. You can’t bust the lock with a crowbar or use a lockpick.

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Berlin: Apex Predator | Sniper Assassin Guide

To complete the Sniper Assassin challenge, Agent 47 needs to kill 5 targets in Berlin with only a Sniper Rifle. Don’t worry about bringing anything into this mission — to reach the best perch (and unlock the Rule of Threes challenge) you’ll need to sneak into the Sniper Nest (Level 2) in the north building.

Go through the Entrance Backdoor Shortcut and go upstairs to the balcony. Sneak up (ignore the target) and move north to the Overpass. This is Sniper Assassin, so you’re free to swap uniforms. It’s okay for bodies to be discovered too.

Go to the Sniper’s Nest and knock out the target — don’t kill him. Take his Sniper Rifle and leave one of the patrolling guards to find him. Once they find him, they’ll wake him up. You need to knock him out to acquire the Radio Tower Key.

Now return to the club parking lot in the south and enter the wooded area. You’ll find the Radio Tower gate up the hill toward the main road. Climb to the top, and we can get to work.

At the Radio Tower, watch out for the explosive traps. They’re mounted near the stairs — use the ladder to climb up and down or you’ll get a nasty surprise. Now, let’s take out 5 targets.

  • Target #1: Aim for the Sniper’s Nest we were just in. The Sniper should be found and awake at this point. Take him out first when he stands near the window. You’ll earn the 47th Trick in the Book challenge.
  • Target #2: On the rooftop above the club entrance, you’ll spot this target patrolling just above the outdoor juice bar area. We passed him on the way to the Sniper’s Nest.
  • Target #3+#4: Two targets patrol around the juice bar area marked as Chill Out on the map. One of them, Agent Swan, is especially tricky to hit — from the Radio Tower, watch for him and you’ll be able to hit just the top of his head.
  • Target #5: The last target walks under the crane to the left called the Back Entrance.

Kill all five, then ditch the rifle and rush to the club entrance exit before security tracks you down. If you exit without being caught, you’ll earn Sniper Assassin.

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