Final Fantasy 7 Remake: All Side-quests Completion Guide & Rewards List

Side-quests are the optional lifeblood of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. These skippable tasks might not seem so important, but each one gives you a different reward — and some of these potential prizes are totally unique. You can earn new accessories, armor or weapons that aren’t available anywhere else. The Discovery side-quests are especially important if you’re looking for unique materia in dungeons — you won’t find those spells anywhere else.

With that in mind, we’re delving into the shallow side-quest waters and revealing everything you need to know about each quest. Finding them isn’t really a problem — side-quests will pop-up on your map in certain chapters. The real trick is completing them, and if you’re aiming for specific rewards, we’ve got those listed beneath each entry.

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Chapter 3 – Residential Area Side-Quests

Lost Friends: You’ll need to find three lost white cats.

  • Cat #1: Outside Seventh Heaven.
  • Cat #2: Near the TV bar on the way to the Sector 7 Slums train station.
  • Cat #3: Crawl into the back alley across from Cloud’s hotel.
  • Reward: Maiden’s Kiss x1, 250 Gil

Chadley’s Report: Use Assess to scan different enemy types. Complete side-quests to encounter Drakes, Gorgers, and other creatures to scan.

  • Reward: Unlocks Chadley’s Shop – Reset Upgrades & Materia

Rat Problem: Defeat Wererats and Doomrats. Go to the empty lot north of Seventh Heaven twice.

  • Reward: 5 Hi-Potion, Item Shop Discounts – Unlock ‘On The Prowl’ side-quest.

Nuissance in the Factory: Clear the Drakes in the Abandoned Factory.

  • Reward: 500 Gil, New Discounts – Unlocks ‘Just Flew In from the Graveyard’ side-quest.

On The Prowl: Defeat the Wrath Hound in Scrap Boulevard.

  • Reward: Elixir

Just Flew In from the Graveyard: Defeat the Cerulean Drake in the Abandoned Factory. Smash crates to find the key to enter its lair.

  • Reward: Items, Nothing Special

Alone At Last (Discovery): After completing the Johnny Encounter outside Seventh Heaven, return to Cloud’s hotel room to discover this optional event.

  • Reward: Moon Charm

Chapter 6 – Plate Lower Level Side-Quests

Collapsed Passageway (Discovery): In Chapter 6, when you reach Section G, go down to the Plate Lower Level, Section G Utility Access. Unlocks when you attempt to walk across the bridge.

  • Reach the Cargo Platform, and take the ladder down before going to the third sun lamp.
  • Lower the bridge all the way to collect the MP Up Materia.
  • Align the bridge to find the Elemental Materia.
  • Reward: Elemental Materia

Behind The Fan (Discovery): You’ll spot this Materia behind the massive fans along the wall of the Plate Lower Level. This is where you’ll find the Moogle & Chocobo optional Summon.

  • Near the end of the dungeon, disable two (of the three) final sun lamps and use the optional platform to the right of the Cargo Platform.
  • Climb into the control room, and defeat the enemies in under 1:00 minute to reach this rare materia.
  • If you fail once, return and the battle will be easier.
  • Reward: Moogle & Chocobo Summon Materia

Chapter 7 – Mako Reactor 5 Side-Quests

Waste Recovery (Discovery): In Chapter 7, at the Mako Reactor 5 – Front Gate, complete the second lock mini-game to access the Shinra Vault where you can collect the items left behind from Waste Disposal. If you select the M-Units, you’ll get:

  • Rewards:
    • 2 Bottles of Ether
    • 2 Tufts of Phoenix Down
    • 2 Hi-Potions

Chapter 8 – Sector 5 Slums Side-Quests

The Gate Won’t Open (Discover): After leaving the Sector 5 Station, you’ll enter a passage of trash. Aerith will have you attempt to use the gate switch — when it doesn’t work, this side-quest will appear.

  • When you encounter your first Smogger enemy, through another gate, you’ll find a ladder in the back-right. This leads back up to the locked gate.
  • Reward: No reward here. This just unlocks a shortcut through the area.

The Mysterious Moogle Merchant: Available after saving the kids in the Sector 5 Slums. All you need to do is give the Moogle Merchant 1 Moogle Medal. There’s one in the chest to the left of him.

  • Reward: Unlock the Moogle Merchant! He carries unique weapons and items.

Kids on Patrol: Find the five kids around the Sector 5 Slums – Center District. Look for kids with wooden swords on their backs. After finding all the kids, you’ll have to fight a monster variant past the secret hideout.

  • Kid #1: On a girl outside the community center to the left of the orphanage.
  • Kid #2: Keep going left until you find a tunnel made with a concrete cylinder. One of the kids is inside.
  • Kid #3: A girl is right outside the Item Shop.
  • Kid #4: Another kid is right near the Weapon Shop.
  • Kid #5: The last kid is standing right at the town gate.
  • Reward: Nail Bat (Cloud Weapon), ‘A Verified Hero’ side-quest unlocked.

Weapons on a Rampage: Defeat all special enemy variants in the dungeon outside of Sector 5 Slums. These difficult Shinra robots can only be damaged after dropping their physical immunity shield. Swap to Aerith and use her standard attack to drop their shields so Cloud can strike.

  • Reward: Protective Boots, ‘Paying Respects’ side-quest unlocked.

A Verified Hero: Return to the Children’s Secret Hideout to play ‘Whack-A-Box’ — earn 30,000 points to get the best prizes.

  • Reward: Elixir (10,000), Crescent Moon Charm (20,000), Spectral Cogwheel (30,000)

Paying Respects: You’ll need to fight creatures at the Graveyard. Make sure to purchase the Graveyard Key from the Moogle Shop before going. Defeat the three tough Venomantis to complete the quest.

  • Reward: Studded Bracer

The Angel of the Slums: Return to the Children’s Secret Hideout after completing ‘Kids on Patrol’ to unlock this side-quest.

  • Reward: 2,000 Gil

Chapter 9 – Wall Market Side-Quests

Burning Thighs: Found in the Training Hall, this is a squats mini-game. Win more matches to unlock better ranks.

  • Reward: Squat-Off Minigame unlocked. 3 Mega-Points (Trainee), Luck Up Materia (Amateur), Champion Belt (Pro)

The Price of Thievery: Hunt down a group of thieves. This one can be tricky. Barrier and Fire materia will help.

  • Reward: Turbo Ether, ‘Shear’s Counterattack’ side-quest unlocked

Shear’s Counterattack: Return to the Coliseum and select ‘Special Battle’. Use Cloud’s Punisher Mode to easily defeat this mini-boss.

  • Reward: Arcane Scepter (Aerith Weapon)

Chapter 10 – Aqueduct Side-Quests

On The Other Side (Discovery): Discover this side-quest in the Sector 7 Sewers dungeon. When you reach Aqueduct 1, you’ll find the treasure on the other wide of a wall near the exit.

  • Reward: Warding Materia

Chapter 14 – Undercity Side-Quests

Missing Children: Sector 5 Slums – Talk to the woman outside the Item Shop.

  • Go to the Slum Public Graveyard north of the Center District. Purchase the Graveyard Key from the Moogle Merchant if you don’t already have it.
  • Two powerful Phantoms will spawn. They’re weak to fire — use Breach to dispel Reflect. Defeat them to complete the quest.
  • Reward: Time Materia

Chocobo Search: Sector 5 Slums – Find the Stablehand on the Station Way path. Starting this quest will unlock Chocobo Travel stations. Interact with the Chocobo Signs to fast travel.

  • Chocobo #1: Sector 5 Slums – Sanctuary Way – Found to the left, right before reaching the ‘Rooftops’ area. Unlocks the ‘Sector 5 Slums – Church’ fast travel point.
  • Chocobo #2: Sector 5 Slums – Scrapyard Back Alley – Enter the courtyard in the center of the area. Unlocks the ‘Sector 5 Undercity Station’ and ‘Steel Mountain’ fast travel point.
  • Chocobo #3: Sector 6 Slums – Collapsed Expressway – Old Bypass – Found near the end of the Collapsed Expressway. Tough enemy variants will spawn — attack them when they ‘Dance’ and destroy the Proto clone that appears to defeat them faster. Unlocks the ‘Sector 6 Slums – Evergreen Park’, ‘Wall Market – Urban Advancement District’, and ‘Collapsed Road’ fast travel points.
  • Reward: Unlock free lifetime fast travel.

Corneo’s Secret Stash: Sector 5 Slums – Find the journalist at the crossroads north of the Center District.

  • Get the Cornoe Secret Stash Key by completing the ‘Tomboy Bandit’ side-quest, listed below.
  • Find the Corneo Vault Note for three clues to find the hidden location at Lookout Point, Sector 5 Slums.
  • Stash #1: Sector 5 Slums – Steel Mountain – Located right across from the Chocobo Fast Travel marker in the Steel Mountain area.
    • Rewards: Prayer Materia, 3 Molotov Cocktails, Circlet, 3,000 Gil, 2 Maiden’s Kisses, Ruby Tiara, 4 Bottles of Adrenaline, Lots of Moogle Medals
  • Stash #2: Sewer System – Former Disposal Area – Go to the bedroom in Corneo’s Mansion (Wall Market) to discover a path into the Sewer System. After chasing down the Abzu Choat, use the switch next to the exit ladder. Backtrack to this room down an optional path near the exit.
    • Rewards: Elixir, Enfeeblement Ring, Emerald Tiara, Lots of Moogle Medals
  • Stash #3: Sector 6 Slums – Collapsed Expressway – Caved-In Tunnel – Find the entrance just to the left as you enter from the main road. Beware, there’s a tough enemy variant waiting for you inside.
    • Rewards: Diamond Tiara, Some Moogle Medals
  • Return to Marle in Evergreen Park to complete this quest.
  • Reward: The Art of Swordplay Vol. III (+10 AP Cloud)

Tomboy Bandit: Sector 5 Slums – Talk to Johnny at the Sector 5 Undercity Station. He’ll send you after a bandit. She’s holed-up in the Church far north of the station, past Sanctuary Way.

  • After speaking with Kyrie in the church, travel to the colosseum in Wall Market to defeat the Shinra goons. Select ‘Special Match’ to fight the Beastmaster and Hellhound.
  • Reward: Corneo’s Secret Stash Key, unlocks ‘Johnny’s Wallet’ Discover side-quest.

Johnny’s Wallet (Discovery): Sector 5 Slums – Return to Johnny at the Undercity Station and return his wallet after completing the ‘Tomboy Bandit’ side-quest.

Secret Medicine: Sector 5 Slums – Talk to the doctor waiting outside the community center in the Center District, down the street from the orphanage. He’ll ask for a few items on a list.

  • Moogle’s Mortar: Purchase the Moogle’s Mortar from the Moogle Merchant in the Secret Hideout.
  • Behemoth Horn: Return to the Sector 7 Slums and re-enter the underground lab. Access the slum ruins through the Evergreen Park underground passage, which leads to the lab entrance. Take the ‘Subterranean Menace’ quest in Evergreen Park and complete it to fight the Behemoth boss.
  • Medicinal Flowers: Found in the Church, near the flowerbed where Cloud first meets Aerith.
  • Reward: Telluric Scriptures Vol. III (+10 SP Aerith)

Subterranean Menace: Sector 6 Slums – Talk to Wymer at Evergreen Park to start this quest. For this quest, you need to return to the Underground Test Site. The access tunnel is located in Evergreen Park.

  • This side-quest is connected to ‘Secret Medicine’.
  • Re-enter the Underground Lab to fight the Behemoth boss.
  • Reward: Wrecking Ball (Barret Weapon)

The Power of Music: Sector 6 Slums – Find the little girl at the jukebox south of the town entrance. There are three tracks you’ll need to find and play on the jukebox.

  • Track #1: Talk to the man in the nearby Inn lobby to get the ‘Good Night, Until Tomorrow’ music track.
  • Track #2: Go to the Colisseum and purchase ‘Fight On!’ from the vendor.
  • Track #3: Talk to the woman in the alley to the left of the Honeybee Inn to gain the ‘Stand Up’ track.
  • Reward: Sharpshooter’s Companion Vol. III (+10 SP Barret)

Wavering Heart: Sector 6 Slums – Wall Market – Talk to Andrea in the gym to begin.

  • In this mini-game, you’ll need to perform pull-ups. They’re very similar to squarts — press [Circle] -> [Square] -> [Triangle] -> [Cross] -> [Circle] and so on. The button order changes per round, so memorize it as best you can.
  • Like squats, go slow until you’ve built up a combo and the cursor moves extremely quickly. Then you can press the buttons fast (but not too fast) and win. Slow and steady wins this race.
  • Reward: Way of the First Vol. III Skill Book (+10 SP Tifa) – Amateur Rank

Malicious Goons: Sector 6 Slums – Wall Market – Talk to Madame M near the S6-5 Road. She’ll tip you off to a gang attack back at Aerith’s House in the Sector 5 Slums. When you arrive, you’ll have to fight the Tonberry boss.

  • How To Beat Tonberry: Avoid its Chef Knife attack — it kills in one hit. Attack after it misses an attack to build its Stagger guage faster.
  • Punisher Mode can safely counterattack the Tonberry’s knife. Use it to guard against the Tonberry’s teleport attack — swap to Cloud and guard in Punisher Mode, and it’s more likely to attack you.
  • Give Barret a long-range weapon and Raise materia. Keep him far away from Tonberry to avoid his killer time-freeze attack. When Tonberry is low on HP, it will stop time in a small area around it. Use Barret to distract Tonberry after it casts this spell to save your allies.

That’s all the side-quests and Discovery quests in FF7R. Enjoy all your rewards!