Final Fantasy 7 Remake: How To Beat The Squat Off Mini-game | ‘Sultan of Squat’ Guide

Get swole with Cloud in Final Fantasy 7 Remake and earn the powerful Champion Belt accessory with lots and lots of squats. Found in Chapter 9, you’ll eventually get a chance to explore the Wall Market. There are only a handful of side-quests in this particular chapter, and the ‘Burning Thighs’ job is the one you’re looking for here. Its all about proving who’s the strongest by pressing buttons rapidly.

What makes the squatting mini-game so tricky is that the input timing HUD element eventually fades away, forcing the player to intuit when (and what) to press. The game feels deceptively difficult, but if you figure out the trick, it’s extremely easy to unlock the ‘Professional’ rank and earn a bonus ‘Sultan of Squat’ trophy. No need to skip this one. I’ll explain how to beat every opponent with a straightforward strategy.

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‘Sultan of Squat’ Trophy Guide

To win the ‘Squat Off‘ challenge and earn the Champion Belt, which gives +10% Max HP and +5% Strength, you’ll need to defeat three opponents. Defeat all three to earn all three rewards, and unlock the ‘Sultan of Squat’ trophy.

This game is actually a lot easier to beat than it seems. You’ll be challenged by increasingly difficult opponents — three in total — but if you learn the trick, this mini-game is incredibly simple.

  • To win each Squat Off, don’t rush! Pressing the button early will cause you to stumble and fall. That wastes precious time.
  • Go as slowly as possible until the button meter is moving at an insane rate. You need to press the buttons in the same order every time — Triangle, Circle, Cross, Square, and so on.
  • Wait for Cloud’s animation to pause. When it does, that’s your que to press the next button in the series. As long as you press the correct button, you won’t stumble!
  • After building up a combo, the meter will move so fast you’ll be able to smoothly press each button. You don’t even need to rush! Just press those four buttons at a smooth pace and you’ll easily outlast your competitors.

The trick? Just don’t fail! If you don’t press buttons too early, you’ll always win. You can’t press the button too late. Your opponents will always stumble eventually, especially in the final ‘Professional’ round. You might be losing for the first 10-15 seconds, but once he falls, you’ll lead him so far he’ll never be able to catch up.

For your effort, you’ll earn three rewards: x3 Mega-Points, Luck Up Materia, and the Championship Belt equipment. The Championship Belt is pretty great, so I recommend equipping it on Cloud to give your attack a little more oomph.