Final Fantasy 7 Remake: How To Complete Corneo’s Secret Stash Side-Quest | Treasure Locations Guide

One of the lengthiest side-quests in Chapter 14, ‘Corneo’s Secret Stash’ takes you on a long journey all across the Undercity. This Final Fantasy 7 Remake quest forces you to find hidden clues, complete optional side-quests, and make progress in the story to find tons of items.

To complete the quest, you’ll need to find Corneo’s Secret Stash Key, which opens strange doors you’ve probably already seen in certain dungeons. The key is only acquired by completing a different side-quest, and you won’t really get any clues. It’s possible to find clues for all the Corneo Stash locations, but it’s found in a random spot — seriously, the stash locations clue is found on the ground in Lookout Point, in the Sector 5 area.

Check the guide below for everything you need to know. We’ve got stash locations, and step-by-step instructions to complete every part of the quest.

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Corneo’s Secret Stash | Side-Quest Guide

How To Start Corneo’s Secret Stash: Sector 5 Slums – Find the journalist NPC at the crossroads north of the Center District.

Before you can begin this quest, you’ll need to get the Corneo Secret Stash Key by completing the ‘Tomboy Bandit‘ side-quest. Start this quest by travelling to the Sector 5 Slums Train Station and talking to Johnny.

NOTE: Optionally, you can find the Corneo Vault Note for three clues to find the hidden location at Lookout Point, Sector 5 Slums. It isn’t required, because we’ve got all the locations listed below.

Once you have Corneo’s Secret Stash Key, you can begin hunting for the three hidden locations.

Stash #1: Sector 5 Slums – Steel Mountain – Located right across from the Chocobo Fast Travel marker in the Steel Mountain area.

  • Rewards: Prayer Materia, 3 Molotov Cocktails, Circlet, 3,000 Gil, 2 Maiden’s Kisses, Ruby Tiara, 4 Bottles of Adrenaline, Lots of Moogle Medals

Stash #2: Sewer System – Former Disposal Area – Go to the bedroom in Corneo’s Mansion (Wall Market) to discover a path into the Sewer System. After chasing down the Abzu Choat, use the switch next to the exit ladder. Backtrack to this room down an optional path near the exit.

  • Rewards: Elixir, Enfeeblement Ring, Emerald Tiara, Lots of Moogle Medals

Stash #3: Sector 6 Slums – Collapsed Expressway – Caved-In Tunnel – Find the entrance just to the left as you enter from the main road. Beware, there’s a tough enemy variant waiting for you inside.

  • Rewards: Diamond Tiara, Some Moogle Medals

After collecting all three key items (Diamond Tiara, Emerald Tiara, and Ruby Tiara) return to Marle in Evergreen Park to complete this quest. She’ll give you a small reward for bringing this items for the slums.

  • Reward: The Art of Swordplay Vol. III (+10 AP Cloud)

And that’s it! You’ll get a ton of Moogle Medals that you can use to purchase more skill books at the Moogle Merchant and give your characters more AP points.