Final Fantasy 7 Remake: How To Reach The Top Of The Darts Leaderboard | ‘Heavenly Dart Player’ Guide

One of the mini-games Cloud can play in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake is darts — you’ll find it in Seventh Heaven, the bar where the secret rebel base is located. It’s just you versus the heroes of Avalanche, and if you’re aiming to unlock the ‘Heavenly Dart Player’, you’ll need to earn exactly 301 points with 7 darts or less. You can’t go under that number either, you have to be exact.

Luckily, you don’t have to be perfect to unlock this trophy. It’s possible to reach the #1 spot on the leaderboard with just 6 darts. So, you’re given one chance to screw up. You don’t have to be perfect. Just 90% perfect. With a little practice, anyone can complete this weird little challenge. I’ll share my strategy below. It only took a few tries to pull it off if you’re aiming for the right spot.

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Aim for Triple 20! You’ll need to hit it at least 4 times.

To get this trophy, you must score exactly 301 points in 7 darts or less. It’s possible to get this in 6 darts, so you’re allowed to miss exactly once.

To get this score, aim for the Triple 20 point square. It’s the red spot in the center, above the bullseye. You need to hit this 5 times — or you can hit it 4 times, miss once (hit the 20 spot) and aim for a Double 20 to recover.

After scoring 300 points, you’ll need to finish by aiming for the 1 point spot. If you go over 301 points, you’ll get a ‘Bust‘ and have to try again. Once you’re far enough that the challenge is almost complete, the final spot you must hit will glow yellow.

The trick here is patience. Cloud’s hand will shake slightly while aiming — and the circle will shrink. Aim for a perfect throw by hitting the circle when it’s inside the crosshair. You’ll have two chances to get a ‘perfect’ throw, so don’t always throw on your first chance.

With a little bit of practice, this is totally possible. Again; aim for the Triple 20 spot. You need to hit it at least 4 times. If you miss and hit the 20 spot, you can recover by aiming for the Double 20 spot, then finish with the 1 spot. You’ll earn the ‘Luck Up’ materia for winning, which increases your Luck up to 50%.