Final Fantasy 7 Remake: How To Beat Reno, Rude & Hell House | Chapter 8-9 Bosses Guide

The bosses are getting bigger and the battles are getting harder as we delve into the chunky mid-section of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Aerith, a spunky magic-using woman that can talk to flowers joins up with Cloud on a rescue mission — and there are lots of bosses between you and Don Corneo’s mansion. You’ll encounter the Turks, a pair of reoccurring villains from the original FF7, along with a totally new boss.

We have to talk about the Hell House. Originally just a completely inexplicable enemy, the remake upgrades the Hell House into a truly terrifying super boss. He’s one of the harder bosses in the entire game thanks to his advanced gimmicks and killer, hard-to-avoid attacks. The Hell House is literally an evil house that flies around, launches chair missiles, and leaves us all extremely confused. The best I can do is offer a bunch of tips to help you beat this bed-and-breakfast from hell.

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  • Chapter 8
  • Weakness: Punisher Mode Counter

Reno is a relentless opponent, and the only way to slow him down is with Cloud’s Punisher Mode. Swap to this mode, and guard to initiate a counterattack. This will cause him to become Pressured, giving you time to lay down some strong attacks. It’s very difficult to actually Stagger him, but you can Pressure him with Punisher Mode counterattacks, or by guarding his melee attacks.

Play slow and safe. Reno moves incredibly fast, so its difficult to prepare for his attacks in Punisher Mode. If he uses EMP Mines or lightning abilities, quickly dodge away from him. Don’t even both using any magic against him — it doesn’t work. But, you can save your MP to destroy the EMP Mines he summons. Those annoying mines will stun him with electricity if you don’t move out of their blast range quick.


  • Chapter 8
  • Weakness: Aero

Before entering this boss fight, equip Aero Materia to make the fight much easier. Rude is all about physical damage, and he has a variety of close-range attacks that can bind you — he’ll also use a Sleep spell, so stock up on Smelling Salts or equip Esuna materia.

He’s only got minor resistance to Fire, so Fira will also work. Summon an Arcane Ward with Aerith, and unleash Wind / Fire magic to rapidly build his Stagger Meter. Otherwise, you’ll just have to slug it out with him. He’s tricky to counter with Punisher Mode, so it’s safer to outmaneauver him and use magic attacks at range.

Hell House

  • Chapter 9
  • Weakness: Aero, Fire, Blizzard, Thunder

The Hell House is the most difficult boss so far. Before fighting it, boost your defense and bring plenty of Ether / Phoenix Down. Equip Cloud with Raise or Heal, and make sure Aerith has Arcane Ward and Refocus.

The boss will cycle through all four elements with different barriers. To build its Stagger Meter, use the opposite element. It helps to setup an Arcane Ward, then unleash your spells — I recommend bringing at least two or three elemental spells.

When casting, don’t bother using the enhanced versions of each spell. Instead, use the weakest version. Those are the fastest! The boss swaps barriers and enters God Mode fast, making it immune to attacks; your best bet is to hit it while it’s initiating attacks, or in the middle of an attack.

Standing on an Arcane Ward while casting a basic elemental spell will launch two. For this fight, you need to keep moving. Most of his attacks can be dodged just by continuing to run. Don’t bother dodging! Just keep running to avoid the Chair Missiles and Mr. Cuddles bombs.

Keep your health high, and only attack the arms when the Hell House enters God Mode. The barrier is too tough, so don’t bother trying to break through. Wait for the barrier to go down, then use elemental magic — the Hell House is much more vulnerable to Stagger directly after it drops the God Mode shield.

This is a hectic fight, and in the second form it gains a load of new powers. Use the Refocus Limit break early with Aerith to make your life easier — this adds a third ADP bar, so you can use Pray and still attack. The only way to significantly damage the boss is by using constant weakness magic attacks. It takes about 5-6 standard magic spells to put the boss in a weakened state. Save Cloud’s Limit Break for that!

It has two extremely annoying attacks. Bring Barrier Materia with Aerith if you have the space, and use it when the boss uses Heavensward — it flies in circles, then performs a kamikaze charge that is impossible to dodge. Whoever it targets needs to guard, or they’ll die instantly. Barrier will help you survive.