Final Fantasy 7 Remake: How To Unlock All Limit Breaks | More Powerful Limit Breaks Guide

Limit Breaks make a welcome return in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. All the playable characters in this huge JRPG start with a killer Limit Break — they’re basically super powerful moves that take some time to charge up. Limit Breaks are unique to each individual character, and it’s possible to unlock an even-more-powerful version in the story. You’ll want to get these as early as possible, because not only are they awesome to look at, they’re also extremely strong.

You can freely choose between your standard Limit Break and your more powerful variant in the character menu, naturally. The Level 2 Limit Breaks take even longer to charge than the standard variants, but they’re well worth the extra time. It’s also pretty dang easy to miss these enhanced Limit Breaks if you’re just playing through the story without stopping to do all the extra content that unlocks. Below, I’ll explain how to get these limit breaks — it’s not too hard, you just need to be prepared for some optional fights.

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How To Unlock More Powerful Limit Breaks

In Chapter 9, you’ll encounter the Coliseum — here, you can take on optional fights to earn rewards. After completing all the story stuff at the Coliseum, you’ll unlock the ability to play through free fights, and that’s when you’ll be able to unlock extra Limit Breaks.

  • In the Coliseum, there are certain fights labeled ‘Cloud vs.’, ‘Tifa vs.’ or ‘Barret vs.’ etc.
  • These are fights where you’ll have to play as only one playable character.
  • Complete these battles to earn that character’s secondary Limit Break.

There is one for each character, and once you’re able to complete the Coliseum fights in Chapter 9 and beyond, you’ll be able to unlock these abilities. It’s very simple, and something you won’t want to miss in your first playthrough.

There are four playable characters in FF7 — Cloud, Barret, Tifa and Aeris. Cloud is all about slashing up enemies with his enormous sword, Barret unloads bullets with his gatling arm, Tifa kicks butt with her brawling styles, and Aeris is magically attuned with a focus on healing. They’re a strong starting line-up, and you can give them all extra utility with these Level 2 Limit Breaks.