Nintendo Claims More Nintendo Switch Units Are On The Way

When it comes to the current situation, we’re all dealing with COVID-19. The coronavirus is such a big health pandemic concern worldwide that we’re all trying our best to stay indoors and keep from spreading or even potentially catching the virus. With that said, having something at home to enjoy and help pass the time is a must, but even that is becoming difficult to come by. If you were one of the few looking to get a new console to enjoy now that more time has become available at home, then you’re going to be out of luck.

There are several retailers worldwide that are suffering from low supply or no stock in general. For instance, the Nintendo Switch has been a hot ticket item for gamers young and old. With some families working remotely, having something to give children to enjoy in order to get some work done is a great idea. One of those items is a Nintendo Switch, but as mentioned, there are retailers suffering from having any in stock.

This also doesn’t help that a big release just came out for the Nintendo Switch, we’re of course referring to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. With that said, there is a comment that was made public from Nintendo. has managed to get a statement from a US representative at Nintendo. According to the representative, Nintendo apologizes for the inconvenience but claims that more systems are on the way.

We’re not sure just how long of a wait we’ll have to endure, but you may want to keep an eye out online for your local retailer’s Nintendo Switch stock. This also doesn’t clarify if we’re going to see more units released for a particular model of the Nintendo Switch either. Currently, there are two models available, a Nintendo Switch standard edition that comes with a docking station and removable Joy-Cons, along with a Nintendo Switch Lite version.

Another point worth making is that the Nintendo Switch repair centers have started to close down. This means that if you have a Nintendo Switch, you will want to take good care of it as an official means to repair the console is not readily available due to the health pandemic.