Final Fantasy 7 Remake: All Jukebox Music Tracks Locations | Disc Jockey Trophy Guide

There’s a seemingly endless supply of new music in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and many of the best remixes can only be found by purchasing (or collecting) easy-to-miss music track collectibles. These remixes are truly special, and if you’re a long-time Final Fantasy fan like me, you won’t want to miss any of them. There are tracks you won’t find until future entries in the remade FF7 series, so you can enjoy the Chocobo Farm theme, the Gold Saucer theme, and many others early. It’s like having your own time machine that brings awesome music.

There are a ton of music tracks, and most of them are pretty easy to find. You just need to listen for jukeboxes in new towns, or look for musical vending machines while exploring dungeons. Other times, you’ll have to do something special to acquire these tracks, or talk to a (seemingly) random NPC in the environment. Some are pretty easy to miss — just follow the guide below to fill your collection and unlock the ‘Disc Jockey’ trophy.

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Music Tracks are discs you can purchase (or find!) that add to your jukebox collection. Interact with any jukebox — like the one in Seventh Heaven — to select a music track you’ve unlocked. Any track you get is permanent, and they’re almost always unique. You won’t hear these tracks anywhere else in-game.

Tracks are solve by specially-marked vending machines, vendors, found in jukeboxes, or given by helpful NPCs. There are a lot, so let’s go over the locations. Get them all to earn the ‘Disc Jockey’ trophy and inch ever closer to that 100% completion Platinum.

#3. Tifa’s Theme: Ch. 3 – Sector 7 Slums – Check the jukebox in the Seventh Heaven bar.

#27. Hip Hop de Chocobo: Ch. 3 – Sector 7 Slums – Behind Seventh Heaven, look for an NPC standing next to a music player. Talk to him to get this track.

#1. The Prelude: Ch. 3 – Sector 7 Slums – Sold at the Item Store in the Residential Area.

#4. Barret’s Theme: Ch. 3 – Sector 7 Slums – Sold at the Item Store just outside the Train Station. Only available after you’ve side-quests become available.

#28. Stamp: Ch. 5 – Corkscrew Tunnel – Former Rail Yard – Sold at the Vending Machine in the locker room, just before entering the Shinra mess hall.

#18. Electric de Chocobo: Ch. 6 – Sector 4 Plate Interior – At the Cargo Platform, disable two (of the final three) sun lamps and use the platform before leaving the area. Ride it to this control room. There’s a vending machine that sells this music.

#2. Bombing Mission: Ch. 7 – Mako Reactor 5 – Front Gate – At the last rest stop before the Airbuster boss, you’ll find a vending machine that sells this track.

#21. Cait Sith’s Theme: Ch. 8 – Sector 5 Undercity Station – Found at the station, just use the vending machine past the train to purchase this track.

#25. Tango of Tears: Ch. 8 – Sector 5 – Center District – Located in the open bar. Just use the jukebox in the town.

#19. Costa del Sol: Ch. 8 – Sector 5 – Center District – Sold at the Materia Shop for 50 Gil.

#20. Golden Saucer: Ch. 8 – Sector 5 – Center District – Sold by the Moogle Merchant for 1 Moogle Medal.

#22. Cosmo Canyon: Ch. 9 – Collapsed Expressway – Partially through the tunnel dungeon, look for a vending machine / bench that sells this track.

#10. Honeybee Inn: Ch. 9 – Sector 6 Slums – Wall Market – Sold by the Item shop.

#17. Farm Boy: Ch. 9 – Sector 6 Slums – Wall Market – Take the stairs up near the Honeybee Inn to find a cowboy-themed bar. Talk to one of the women outside and she’ll give you this track.

#8. Under The Rotting Pizza: Ch. 9 – Sector 6 Slums – Wall Market – Found on a Jukebox in the southern Wall Market area.

#29. The Midgar Blues: Ch. 9 – Sector 6 Slums – Wall Market – Talk to the singing NPC in the karaoke bar. It’s just up the street, on the left when going toward Corneo’s mansion.

#26. Let The Battle Begin! Remake: Ch. 9 – Sector 6 Slums – Wall Market – At the Honeybee Inn, before Cloud meets with the leader, you can try a Dance mini-game tutorial. Get 10 ‘Greats’ to earn this track.

#11. Don of the Slums: Ch. 9 – Corneo’s Mansion – Basement – After Tifa wakes up Cloud in Don Corneo’s creepy basement, go use the vending machine to purchase this music track.

#9. The Oppressed: Ch. 10 – Sector 6 Sewers – After the Abzu boss, you’ll eventually find a break room with a music vending machine and bench in the sewers. The vending machine sells this track.

#6. Let The Battles Begin!: Ch. 11 – Train Graveyard – Maintenance Facility – Can be purchased in another Vending Machine / bench in the Train Graveyard dungeon.

#15. On Our Way: Ch. 13 – Sector 6 Slums – Evergreen Park – Revisiting Evergreen Park outside the Wall Market, you’ll find an item shop selling this track.

#14. Main Theme Of FFVII: Ch. 13 – Sector 7 Slums – Underground Test Site – While exploring the underground in search of Wedge, you’ll reach a bench and a vending machine selling this track.

#23. Descendant of Shinobi: Ch. 14 – Sector 5 Slums – Undercity Station – Talk to an NPC wearing a hat / sweater at the Train Station to acquire the music.

#7. Turk’s Theme: Ch. 14 – Sector 6 Slums – S6-5 Road – While traveling up the S6-5 Road, talk to a women looking over a pond.

#16. Good Night, Until Tomorrow: Ch. 14 – Sector 6 Slums – Wall Market – Enter the building just to the left at the front entrance to Wall Market. There’s a mustached man inside that will give you the track.

#12. Fight On!: Ch. 14 – Sector 6 Slums – Wall Market – On your return trip to Wall Market, the Coliseum shop now has this track for purchase.

#30. Stand Up: Ch. 14 – Sector 6 Slums – Wall Market – Enter the alley to the left of the Honeybee Inn and talk to the lady hidden there.

#24. Wutai: Ch. 14 – Sector 6 Slums – Wall Market – Urban Advancement District – Enter the alley to the right on the road to Corneo’s Mansion to explore the Urban Advancement District. There’s a worker near the entrance with this track.

#13. The Case: Ch. 14 – Sector 6 Restricted Area – Aquaduct 4 – Back in the Sewers, you’ll find a bench / vending machine combo with this track.

#5. Lurking In The Darkness: Ch. 15 – Collapsed Sector 7 Plate – Central Tower 1f – Before entering a crumbling building, there’s a disc track vending machine where you can purchase the track.

#31. Scarlet’s Theme: Ch. 16 – Sector 0 – Shinra Electric Company – Combat Simulator Lounge – In the Recreational Facility, you’ll find a combat simulator. To the right, there’s a bench and one last vending machine that sells music.

Collect all 31 tracks and you’ll earn the ‘Disc Jockey’ trophy — that completes your collection, and gives you a whole bunch of remixes to listen to.