Mod Let’s Players Enjoy Half-Life: Alyx Without A VR Headset

When Valve announced a new installment to the Half-Life franchise it came as a surprise. Most gamers have been anticipating an announcement in regards to the Half-Life 3 installment that has been fabled and dreamed about for years now. However, what we got instead was Half-Life: Alyx, a brand new story set before the events of Half-Life 2. This gave Half-Life fans a means of something new to enjoy while also giving developers at Valve a chance to play around in the world of Half-Life once again.

The biggest problem some gamers may have with Half-Life: Alyx is that this is a VR exclusive video game title. Without a compatible VR headset, you were left watching others enjoy the game online or forced to purchase a hefty price to ensure that you have a VR headset along with a compatible VR ready PC. At any rate, it was clear that the VR experience was well done and enjoyable for those that had the necessary equipment. Unfortunately, the game being a VR exclusive meant that those that wanted a more traditional means to enjoy the title were left out of luck. 

However, that is now starting to change as the modding community came in and worked on a few different means to enjoy the game outside of VR. One mod is currently available at the moment that is allowing the game to be enjoyed without VR fully. Now it does come with a few guides on how to properly set it up, but it’s at least a start in the right direction. Over time, we will see more of these mods pop up and offer an easier time playing the game without the need of a VR headset.

Meanwhile, those that have already enjoyed the game fully may be wondering just when the next installment may come. It took several years to see Half-Life get picked up for Half-Life: Alyx so it could be another long wait again. That’s of course just speculation as there’s no word on if a new Half-Life game is being developed at the moment.

Source: PC Gamer