Final Fantasy 7 Remake: How To Beat Abzu, Ghoul & Eligor | Chapter 10-11 Bosses Guide

After forcibly ejecting from Don Corneo’s Mansion in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, your party ventures into sewers and train graveyards, facing off against an increasingly difficult series of boss monsters. These two chapters are jam-packed with boss fights, and each one has its own strange gimmick you’ll have to contend with. Load up on all the materia you can, and check out our tips for this new terrible trio.

Like Hell House, Eligor is an ascended standard enemy. Transformed into a haunted chariot, this reaper-on-wheel uses Reflect to avoid magic attacks, all while swinging a spectral spear and summoning waves of pointy objects from the sky. The Ghoul is another haunted boss that swaps between two forms — one immune to physical damage, and the other immune to magic damage. They’re all challenging, and I’ve got a few tips to help you survive.

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  • Chapter 10
  • Weakness: Fire

Abzu is a huge monkey-like animal, and magic isn’t that effective against it. Make sure to bring Fire spells — adding Fire element to your basic attacks or using Synergy Materia can help here. Or, you can use Arcane Ward to double-up your Fire onslaught.

Fire is the only magic that raises the boss monster’s Stagger meter significantly. Most of its attacks are easy to avoid, just stay back and have Auto-Cure equipped on an ally. Use Aerith to keep your party healthy with Pray, and keep using Fire whenever you can. Hit it with Fire enough, and it will burst into flames — stunning it and putting him into a Pressure state.

Abzu dives into the water and retreats after his fur burns for long enough. There are two powerful attacks you need to watch out for — he’ll summon tornados from the water pools in the arena, or summon a burst of water from the open pipes on the walls. When he’s attached to the high ledge, he’ll attempt to Pounce down. Run and dodge to avoid the attack.

Use the Ifrit Summon to help build Stagger. Just keep hammering him with physical attacks. Barrier will help you survive his melee attacks, and at this point, you can unlock Cloud’s Level 2 Limit Break. Even without Staggering the boss, Cloud’s Ascension Limit Break takes off a big chunk of his health once it finally charges up.


  • Chapter 11
  • Weakness: Fire

The amalgamation of ghosts switches between two forms — Physical and Ghost. In Physical Form, it won’t take damage from magic attacks. In Ghost form, it won’t take damage from standard physical attacks or abilities. You’ll need to use the opposite depending on its form.

While in Ghost Form, its stagger meter increases dramatically when it’s hit with magic, and especially when it’s been hit with Fire magic. This time around, you can freely use more powerful magic like Fira or Firaga to build the monster’s Stagger meter faster.

To make this fight easier, equip Fire Materia on Cloud (or anyone) and use Aerith’s Arcane Ward to unleash double spells. You can also equip a Magnify Materia on a leveled Barrier Materia so you can defend against its powerful magic Balefire attacks.

Even though it is immune to attacks in both its forms, you can always build your ADP meter. Even if the boss isn’t taking damage, hitting it will always keep your ADP meter going, so go ahead and attack when you can.

Aerith’s enhanced Prayer ability is incredibly useful here. The boss can Silence your party with certain attacks. Even if Aerith is silenced, she can still heal using Pray. It doesn’t count as a magic spell.


  • Chapter 11
  • Weakness: Blizzard

Despite Eligor’s weakness to Blizzard, the attack you’ll really need is Aero. When Eligor is flying, use Aero to fill its stagger gauge much faster. Use Arcane Ward, and unleash double Aero spells to really fill the meter. Eligor has a lesser resistance to melee attacks, so your standard attacks are mostly going to be for building your ADP meter.

  • NOTE: Use Steal materia on this boss to gain the Bladed Rod for Aerith.

When Eligor flies into the air, he’ll summon a Reflect barrier, making him immune to spells. Use Tifa or Cloud to leap-attack — enough damage will break the Reflect shield and make him immune to Aero for a very short window. Be prepared with ADP on your Aero-equipped character and unleash it right away when the barrier is down to seriously stagger him.

Alternatively, Blizzard works for the rest of the fight, especially when used in conjunction with an Arcane Ward.

Watch out for his Piercing Glare ability. The red laser can’t hit you if you’re standing directly under or behind him, and you can use the crate in the center to block the laser until you hit the 50% mark, when Eligor changes strategies and circles the arena, attacking with a massive spear. At this point, you can use physical attacks on his wheels. Break both wheels to instantly stagger him.

That’s all we’ve got for this mid-game bosses. We’re heading into some serious stuff soon, so strap in and get prepared for what’s coming next.