Dark Pictures: Little Hope Conjures Up Summer Release, Watch New Trailer Here

Supermassive Games has taken to Twitter to reveal that Dark Pictures: Little Hope will be released sometime in summer 2020.

Check out the new spooky trailer released down below:

The new trailer gives players a rundown of what to expect when it comes to this entry; Witchcraft. Yes, after being under wraps what this new season will consist of, it was revealed in today’s latest trailer that the teens of Little Hope will be dealing with Witchcraft. According to the narrator, the story of Little Hope will take you to a place that has a very dark past. Will you have what it takes to survive this haunting tale?

The Dark Pictures Anthology series is Supermassive Game’s new attempt of bringing new tales with shorter development cycles. After the wild success of Until Dawn, this is the most efficient way to deliver more intriguing stories with the same gaming techniques that hooked players back in 2015. The first entry saw teens exploring a haunted ship in Man of Medan and it seems as though we are getting a complete tonal shift with Little Hope and the exploration of a Witchcraft story.

Man of Medan received a friend pass before and it has been confirmed that is indeed making a return and will be available until May 1, 2020. Details include, all owners of Man of Medan will be able to receive a friend pass and experience the story with a buddy until next month. The question is: who is a friend you would trust your life with?

Source: Dark Pictures Twitter