Final Fantasy 7 Remake Director,Tetsuya Nomura, Showcases New Colored Illustration of Cloud Strife Celebrating Upcoming Launch

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is only a day away or mere hours on the time you’re reading this and the hype is at an all-time high!

Final Fantasy is a huge franchise in itself, but FF7 is a big one for many reasons. There are so many fans who love the story, characters and world of the seventh entry in the long running franchise and for good reason. Today, game director Tetsuya Nomura has shared a new colored illustration of Cloud Strife in order to celebrate the imminent launch for the remade title.

If you’re either a fan of Cloud or amazing art, I would suggest checking it out for yourself!Check out the official colored illustration of Cloud Strife from director Tetsuya Nomura down below:

In related news, reviews for the highly anticipated title has started to hit the internet, and plenty of us are wondering what critics are thinking about the remake title.

Currently it seems the remake title is amazing, as it sits on Metacritic with an 87 overall rating. With such a classic title being remade, there was sure to be some decisiveness when it come down to reviews, but it seems that critics are liking the remake.

If you’re able to go into the game with a clear mind, and accept the changes the team made, Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be one of the better games to release in 2020. Make sure to check out our full review roundup for the critically acclaimed game right here!

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is set release tomorrow, Friday April 10th, for the PlayStation 4. Are you excited for the upcoming remake title? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Twitter