DOOM Eternal: All Collectibles Locations | M11: Nekravol Pt. II

The second part of Nekravol sends the Doomguy into a demonic Argent Tower, where human souls are harvested for energy to power the evil cities of Urdak — DOOM Eternal is extremely extra. While climbing up and dropping down, you’ll only get one shot to grab certain collectibles — if you miss, you can always revert back to previous locations at the end of the level with the Fast Travel feature.

The big problem is finding them all. If you’re like me, you’ll walk right past cracked walls or miss hidden ledges. Right at the start of the level, there doesn’t appear to be any easy way to reach the towers to your left. Well, it’s possible, and it’s a little janky at the same time. I’ll explain all the locations in the full guide below.

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How Collectibles Work In DOOM Eternal:

There are many different types of collectibles in DOOM Eternal: Automaps, Runes, Praetorian Points, Weapon Mods, Albums, Cheat Codes, Toys, Sentinel Crystals and Sentinel Batteries. Every level features an Automap, but not every level will have albums, toys, cheat codes, or Slayer Keys.

Basically, there are a ton of different collectibles, and below I’ll list where to find them all — in order from the beginning of the level to the end. Levels in DOOM Eternal are much more linear, so as long as you follow along, getting every collectible is easy.

  • NOTE: To make finding collectibles easier, select the “?” Praetorian Suit upgrade for 3 points — it will cause every collectible location to appear on your map.

Collectibles Locations Guide

M11: Nekravol Pt. II – Collectibles Locations:

Mastery Token: On the starting bridge, climb onto one of the left statues and double-jump / dash to one of the far-off towers. Jump to the second tower to reach this token.

Album – Get Them Before They Get You (Wolf 3D): From the second tower with the Weapon Mastery Token, dash to the soft wall on the tower itself to grab this.

Secret Encounter: The secret encounter is on the small ledge with the album.

Sentinel Crystal: Once you enter the tower, past the first room you’ll reach a hallway leading to the central spire. The final crystal is located here.

Codex: Found in the hallway, past the blue Demonic Infection room where you’ll fight a Doom Hunter.

Toy – Dread Knight: Past the codex, look on the right side of the hallway for a cracked wall.

Secret Encounter: Found right behind the toy, through the cracked wall.

Cheat Code – Party Mode: Ahead, you’ll reach a deep shaft. Right below the entrance, there’s a cracked wall. Drop down, double-jump, melee the wall and dash to grab the ledge. Otherwise, you’ll need to reach the end of the stage and fast-travel back.

Codex: Following the battle against the Marauder, you’ll dash into a hallway with this page.

Album – Flesh And Metal (DOOM 2016): In the hallway past the Marauder arena, look for a cracked wall on the left side.

Toy – Tyrant: In the room with the spinning platforms and flame jets, drop down to the lower platform, then drop and double jump into a tiny hard-to-see ledge beneath the entrance.

Automap: At the top of the spinning platform / flame jet area. You can’t miss it.

Praetor Point: In the large blue chamber, you’ll have to jump across. Stop and look left — there’s a spiked wall raising / lowering. Jump to it and smash through the cracked wall.

Codex: Follow the main path through the tower and you’ll find this page.

Toy – Archvile: In the jump pad shaft, reach the top and drop back down. There’s a cracked wall halfway up.

Praetor Point: Entering the strange circular chamber with the machinery, circle around to the opposite side.

Cheat Code – One-Shot Stagger: Just below the top of the Argent Tower, after the Crucible charge, there’s a small landing with a cheat code and a Praetor Point.

Praetor Point: Straight ahead from the cheat.