DOOM Eternal: All Collectibles Locations | M10: Nekravol

The city of Nekravol is where you’ll get your first true taste of Hell in DOOM Eternal — this nightmarish place is built on the bodies of the dead, and you’ll face some insanely stiff competition to survive. Doom Hunters, Archviles, Marauders and the new Tyrants will appear in basically every enemy encounter. The deadly Tyrants are my favorite new enemies — they don’t share the same name, but they look exactly like the classic Cyberdemon.

This is just the first half of two levels set in Hell, so you won’t find quite as many collectibles here. Like Taras Nabad, some of them are pretty tricky — so check your map often, and make sure to use the Fast Travel feature when you reach the end to grab anything you’ve missed. There’s a whole lot to easily miss here when you’re too frazzled by titanic monster arenas.

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How Collectibles Work In DOOM Eternal:

There are many different types of collectibles in DOOM Eternal: Automaps, Runes, Praetorian Points, Weapon Mods, Albums, Cheat Codes, Toys, Sentinel Crystals and Sentinel Batteries. Every level features an Automap, but not every level will have albums, toys, cheat codes, or Slayer Keys.

Basically, there are a ton of different collectibles, and below I’ll list where to find them all — in order from the beginning of the level to the end. Levels in DOOM Eternal are much more linear, so as long as you follow along, getting every collectible is easy.

  • NOTE: To make finding collectibles easier, select the “?” Praetorian Suit upgrade for 3 points — it will cause every collectible location to appear on your map.

Collectibles Locations Guide

M10: Nekravol – Collectibles Locations:

Sentinel Crystal: Past the pair of Cyber Mancubus enemies, you’ll reach the giant entrance. To the left, past the fire-spitter traps, there’s a Sentinel Crystal.

Codex: Climbing up into an interior room, stay on the upper path to find a small ledge with this codex and some pick-ups.

Toy – Baron of Hell: In the arena where you first encounter the Tyrant, use the yellow pole to swing to a higher pole on the left. There’s a hard-to-see soft wall you can climb to a hidden ledge.

Praetor Point: Punch through the giant brain, then climb up into the halls above. On the right, there’s a Praetor Point.

Mastery Token: In the chamber with the crusher trap where multiple Specters spawn.

Praetor Point: Just up the stairs from the crush trap. You can’t miss it.

Automap: Beneath the previous Praetor Point, in a blood pool below.

Secret Encounter: Leaving the crusher traps room, you’ll reach a large chamber filled with bodies in cages. Instead of jumping to the soft wall, drop down from the ledge and turn around to find a hidden path.

Toy – Gladiator: Continue past the Secret Encounter to reach this Toy.

Toy – Doom Hunter: Past the spinning fire-traps, you’ll need to ride cages of bodies up. In the hallway of crushers, smash through the cracked wall to find a toy and a Mastery Token.

Master Token: Right next to the toy in the secret room.

Codex: In the hallway where the Marauder spawns.

Cheat Code – Famine Mode: In the area where the Marauder spawns, drop down into a hidden room where the cages of humans are being moved up.

Secret Encounter: After activating both green skull switches (past the first Marauder encounter), the gate back in the beginning of the area will open, allowing you to access the Secret Encounter.

Album – You’ve Got To Eat Your Vegetables (Keen): Continue up the path past the Secret Encounter.

Praetor Point: In the last combat arena, after navigating the trap hallyway, found right before punching down the statue.