DOOM Eternal: Unlock Free Classic Doom & Doom 2 With This Ridiculous Reference | Easter Egg Guide

DOOM 64 is now available for everyone to purchase on the same day as DOOM Eternal releases, but there’s even more (that’s totally free) for Doom fans. It’s possible to unlock full versions of both Doom 1 & Doom 2 in DOOM Eternal, and all you need is a completely ridiculous password.

These are full versions of both games — the classics, fully-featured and available to play on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Anyone with a copy of DOOM Eternal can unlock these games and play them, you’ll just need to follow the super-simple instructions.

There’s a whole lot more you need to know about DOOM Eternal. Don’t miss out on Easter Eggs, secret guns, and more below.

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To unlock fully playable versions of Doom 1 & Doom 2 on your copy of DOOM Eternal — you’ll need to unlock the Fortress of DOOM hub. You’ll unlock most of the interior after completing the second mission.

Travel down and you’ll find a special office that’s full of Easter eggs — it’s like a bedroom where all the Doomguy’s collectibles are stored on shelves. There’s a special computer here you can access with two mysterious “?” files on it. Those two files are the fully playable, complete versions of Doom 1 and Doom 2.

To unlock them, complete the requirements below.

  • How To Unlock Doom 1: Complete the campaign of DOOM Eternal.
  • How To Unlock Doom 2: Input the code ‘FLYNNTAGGART’

It takes a while to unlock Doom 1, but you can grab Doom 2 as early as the third mission. You can even use the cheat codes you’ve unlocked on those games — just access the cheats menu on this old-school computer to toggle the settings you want to use.

So, you’re probably asking… who is Flynn Taggart? That’s the Doomguy’s name in the completely ridiculous Doom series of novels. Those books are some serious nonsense, and by the end, go completely off-the-rails with insanity. Flynn is such a cool guy, he’s known as ‘Fly’ to his friends. He was court-martialed for refusing to open-fire on civilians in a middle-eastern country.

Also, in the books, it turns out that the demons aren’t actually responsible for the hellish invasion of Earth — it’s actually an alien species known as the ‘Freds’. The series ends with Flynn Taggart and pals invading Fredworld, discovering that belief in Mormonism can save them from alien viruses, and Flynn ‘Fly’ Taggart is worshipped as a god by a rag-tag group of cultist humans. Yes, really.

Well, enjoy Doom 2 everybody!