DOOM Eternal: How To Unlock The Unmaykr | Secret DOOM 64 Gun Guide

There’s an incredible secret weapon waiting for Doomguys everywhere hiddin in the Tower of Doom — your comfy hub area in DOOM Eternal. That weapon is the Unmaykr, a returning classic from the severely underappreciated DOOM 64. In DOOM 64, it was possible to unlock the powerful Unmaker by playing through Secret Levels — and it can be upgraded by finding Demon Keys.

It works a little different in DOOM Eternal. Instead, you’ll have to unlock the weapon with Empyrian Keys — rare collectibles that can only be earned by completing challenging combat arenas in Slayer Gates. There are only six keys found in the game, and the combat arenas are so tough, you’re locked out of them if you attempt to use Cheat Codes. No cheats allowed here.

Like any other gun, the Unmaykr can be upgraded. It’s a fully-fledged weapon — not just a tool like the BFG9000. It’s a god-killer weapon, and absolutely essential if you’re an insane DOOM maniac like me.

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How To Unlock The Unmaykr | Secret Gun Guide

To unlock the Unmaykr, you need to collect 6 Empyrean Keys — Empyrean Keys drop from Slayer Gates. These are special, extremely difficult combat encounters found in many levels throughout the game.

Complete six Slayer Gates, get six Empyrean Keys, and you’ll be able to unlock the Unmaykr in the Fortress of Doom. To find the gun case, go to the center chamber and drop down to the lowest level, then go forward to the tall chamber.

The Unmaykr only made an official appearance in DOOM 64 — as a secret weapon. You could find the Unmaker (or Laser Gun) in secret levels, and upgrade it into an unstoppable god-like gun by discovering hidden keys. It’s an incredible weapon, and one that was originally planned for DOOM.

Now you can get an even better version of this impossibly cool gun in DOOM Eternal. Just check the maps on each level to check for a purple ‘Slayer Gate’ — to unlock a Slayer Gate, find a nearby Slayer Key. The tricky part isn’t finding the Slayer Gates, they’re well-marked after finding the Auto-Map — the real challenge is just completing all six.

If you’re having trouble with Slayer Gates, you can replay any level from the Mission Select menu. You can return when you’re way, way more powerful.