DOOM Eternal: How To Farm Weapon Mastery Challenges | Easy Upgrades Guide

DOOM Eternal makes a few changes to the Weapon Mastery system from the previous game.

Like in the previous game, you can unlock Mods and complete Mastery Challenges to beef up your weapons — making the mods as powerful as they can possibly be. It’s a great way to squeeze even more utility out of your favorite tools of destruction, and I’ve discovered a very simple way to endlessly farm challenges right from the start of the game.

For this guide, I’ll be using the Shotgun Sticky Grenade Mod as my main example — and it’s one of the most useful mods to upgrade early in your Doom Slayer adventure. This method will work for any Weapon Mastery you’re looking to farm, but if you’re aiming to upgrade as early as Mission 2, then this is how to do it.

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How Weapon Mastery Works

Every gun has two Mastery Upgrades you can unlock — one for each Weapon Mod. To unlock the Weapon Mastery challenge, you’ll need to unlock all the upgrades for each Weapon Mod. Sometimes that’s two Weapon Upgrades, sometimes it’s three. No matter how many it takes, you’ll always need to unlock every Weapon Mod upgrade before you can begin the Weapon Mastery challenge.

The Weapon Mastery challenge is usually pretty simple — blast 25 Arachnotron weakpoints with the Sticky Bomb, for example. The easiest and earlier upgrade you’ll be able to get is the Sticky Bomb Mod for the Shotgun.

Weapon Points are harder to come by. You can earn up to 10 Weapon Points on each mission — you’ll earn them for clearing red Demonic Infestations, finding secret pink Demonic Infestations, or destroying extreme purple Demonic Infestation sites behind Slayer Gates.

How To Farm Mastery Challenges

If you’ve unlocked a Mastery Challenge and want to unlock it right away, you can easily farm the challenge. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Start a mission from the Mission Select in the Main Menu or on the Doom Tower — go to a mission that has an easily accessible battle with the monster type you need.
    • Example: ‘Hell on Earth’ features an Arachnotron in the first city Demonic Infestation arena. You’ll need to break the weakpoint with Sticky Bombs from the Shotgun 25 times.
  2. Go to the arena with the weapon and enemy type you need to farm. The more of the enemy type, the easier farming is. But, you can farm even if there’s only one enemy type spawn.
  3. Complete the Mastery Challenge — make sure the Mastery Challenge meter goes up by 1 or more! Look for the notification.
  4. Open the Pause Menu and select ‘Load Checkpoint’ to restart the arena. You’ll refresh all ammo you had before, but you’ll retain the Mastery Challenge completion.
  5. Rinse and repeat until you complete the challenge.

That’s all it takes! You can begin farming for the Sticky Bomb Mastery very early in the game, and all other Masteries can be completed the same way. It takes some time, but some are so powerful, they’re absolutely worth unlocking ASAP.