Doom Eternal: Unlock Unlimited Berserker Pack, Infinite Ammo & More | Cheat Codes List

Cheats are back in DOOM Eternal, but you’ll have to unlock them to become an unstoppable gaming god. Unfortunately, these ‘cheats’ aren’t exactly codes you can input — you’ll have to find them in hidden spots around the game. There are fourteen cheats total, and some of them actually make the game more difficult.

You’ll only be able to use cheats after you’ve finished a level — it’s an option that unlocks on the Mission Select, but you’re free to use as many as you want. It won’t block progression! Well, except you won’t be allowed to enter Slayer Gates if you have cheats unlocked, so there’s no way to easily cheese some of the game’s toughest challenges.

Check out the full list of cheat codes below, with explanations and locations to help you unlock them all.

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How Cheats Work:

Cheat Codes can only be activated after completing a mission. Cheats can be activated on the Mission Select menu at the Tower. Cheats do not disable progression. Slayer Gates are disabled when using Cheat Codes.

To unlock Cheat Codes, you’ll need to find the floppy disc collectibles in each mission.

[Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for more locations!]

Cheat CodeSpecial EffectLocations
IDDQDUnlock Sentinel ArmorCultist Base: In the center of the large room with eight demonic cages.
IDKFAUnlock all Weapons & EquipmentARC Complex: Leaving the convention center, swing on a yellow pole and look out of the enemy spawn hole.
All RunesUnlock all Runes.Fortress of Doom: Use batteries to unlock the right tower, then drop down to a hidden ledge.
Infinite AmmoUnlock infinite ammo for your weapons.Super Gore Nest: Smash through a small cracked wall beneath the three key slots.
One-Shot Stagger ModeWeapon damage and dashing instantly staggers all standard enemies.Nekravol Pt. 2: Below the top of the tower, look for a small landing.
Silver Bullet ModeWeapon damage and dashing instantly kills staggered standard enemies.Doom Hunter Base: At the top of the cylinder where you open the sarcophagus.
Fully Upgraded SuitUnlock all Praetor Perks.Fortress of Doom: In the Power Room near the Control Room, shoot the red switch in the window to reveal a jump pad.
Powerup Mode: OverdriveUnlock infinite Overdrive powerup.Taras Nabad: In the Archvile catacombs, take the ramp out of the arena and smash through the cracked wall.
Powerup Mode: OnslaughtUnlock infinite Onslaught powerup. Mars Core: After launching yourself from the cannon, follow the lower path and use a jump-pad.
Quakecon ModeAn audience cheers whenever you score kills / glory kills.Unlock all Suit upgrades with Praetor Points.
Powerup Mode: BerserkUnlock infinite Berserker powerup. Only available in certain missions.Urdak: At the purple array station, look for a cracked wall to your left before using the exit launcher.
Party ModeConfetti shoots out of severed monsters instead of blood.Nekravol Pt. 2: Past the Doom Hunter arena, go through a hall to a deep shaft. Smash the cracked wall below.
Famine ModeEnemies don’t drop Armor or Health pickups.Nekravol: In the area where the Marauder spawns, drop down into a hidden room where the cages of humans are being moved up.
Infinite Extra LivesUnlock Infinite Lives. Hell on Earth: In the subway, go right and look for a passage up.