DOOM Eternal: All Collectibles Locations | M1: Hell On Earth

Your first glimpse of Earth in DOOM Eternal doesn’t look too great — gargantuan demons carry barges on their backs, transporting damned Hell Priests across the blasted landscape. Death and destruction is everywhere, and that’s just how Doomguy likes it. The started level is one of the easier missions to grab every collectible, but there are some important rewards here.

You’ll find your first Cheat Code in Level 1 — along with a few toys and easy-to-miss Codex pages. This is where you’ll learn the basics of secret hunting, but it won’t be until later that you’ll have to content with truly difficult collectible locations. Right now, you’ll just have a simple Double Jump and a Shotgun. The next level is when things get harder.

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How Collectibles Work In DOOM Eternal:

There are many different types of collectibles in DOOM Eternal: Automaps, Runes, Praetorian Points, Weapon Mods, Albums, Cheat Codes, Toys, Sentinel Crystals and Sentinel Batteries. Every level features an Automap, but not every level will have albums, toys, cheat codes, or Slayer Keys.

Basically, there are a ton of different collectibles, and below I’ll list where to find them all — in order from the beginning of the level to the end. Levels in DOOM Eternal are much more linear, so as long as you follow along, getting every collectible is easy.

  • NOTE: To make finding collectibles easier, select the “?” Praetorian Suit upgrade for 3 points — it will cause every collectible location to appear on your map.

Collectibles Locations Guide

M1: Hell On Earth – Collectibles Locations:

Toy – Zombie (Earth): In the first room with the chainsaw, go to the back-left and punch through the wall to find a secret path to the collectible.

Weapon Mod: To the left of the door, in the second floor of the barge after punching the giant crate.

Codex: Right in the hallway, past the first arena.

Codex: After landing in the Dead City, look to the left of the wrecked building leading to the second Weapon Mod.

Weapon Mod: Inside the first building interior after landing in the Dead City area.

Toy – Doom Slayer: After breaking through the green glowing cracked wall, look up and jump left.

Automap: After the second arena that introduces the Arachnotron, you’ll find the Heavy Cannon. In the next room, the Automap is to the right.

Codex: In the ‘Scott’ mall area, go to the upper floor and jump across the gap to find this codex page.

Toy – Imp: To the left of the ‘Scott’ store, use the crashed dump truck to jump into the second floor above the ‘ShuZ’ sign. There’s a cracked wall ahead that leads to the secret.

Weapon Mod: In the ruined subway platform, to the left of the train you’ll need to enter. Right before the Frag Grenade.

Codex: After climbing three walls to enter into a wrecked subway tunnel, there’s a codex page past the door to the right.

Cheat Code – Infinite Extra Lives: In the subway maintenance tunnels, look right when you reach a t-junction with a tentacle to your left. There’s a crate. Jump up and smash through the vent.

Codex: One is found in the citadel, to the right when you enter the large chamber.

Codex: The last collectible is to the left, in the same chamber. Just grab them both before entering the center lift.