DOOM Eternal: All Collectibles Locations | M12: Urdak & M13: Final Sin

We’re wrapping up our DOOM Eternal collectibles guide with the last two missions — Urdak and Final Sin. Urdak is the mysterious angelic realm that rules over demons, and where you’ll face the godly Khan Maykr boss battle. This strange city is full of jumping puzzles, and even lets you choose which locations to visit first.

The last mission is Final Sin, and I’ll try to avoid spoiling too much — but there is a massive boss waiting for the Doomguy. The last level is just a gauntlet of intense, hectic battles. There’s no room for collectibles here. You’ll only find one Codex page in the last level. I do recommend searching for secrets to stock up on extra lives. You’ll need them.

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How Collectibles Work In DOOM Eternal:

There are many different types of collectibles in DOOM Eternal: Automaps, Runes, Praetorian Points, Weapon Mods, Albums, Cheat Codes, Toys, Sentinel Crystals and Sentinel Batteries. Every level features an Automap, but not every level will have albums, toys, cheat codes, or Slayer Keys.

Basically, there are a ton of different collectibles, and below I’ll list where to find them all — in order from the beginning of the level to the end. Levels in DOOM Eternal are much more linear, so as long as you follow along, getting every collectible is easy.

  • NOTE: To make finding collectibles easier, select the “?” Praetorian Suit upgrade for 3 points — it will cause every collectible location to appear on your map.

Collectibles Locations Guide

M12: Urdak – Collectibles Locations:

Codex: Exiting the first room, find the page to your left.

Automap: After navigating the platforming section with the launchers, you’ll enter a large red chamber. In the back of the circular chamber, there’s an automap.

Mastery Token: In the room with the automap, turn around to the bottomless pit you used to enter and look up. Shoot the switch and jump onto the platform that lowers. Climb up to find this token.

Codex: Past the first fight, you’ll enter a lower cavern with platforms to climb. The codex page is right before a cracked vent you need to smash open.

Album – Descent Into Cerberon (Quake II): From the codex, turn around and jump to a higher ledge. Smash through the cracked wall.

Secret Encounter: Dropping down into a fight with a Pain Elemental and Drones, turn around and punch the large crate. Use it to climb up and over the locked door to a Secret Encounter.

Mastery Token: After smashing the giant statue and swinging to the bronze soft walls, you’ll smash through another green cracked vent. Climbing up, turn around to find this on a high ledge.

Album – Rip And Tear (DOOM 2016): From the token vent, turn around and swing on a pole to reach a small ledge with this album.

Codex: In the arena where the Doom Hunter spawns, use the pole to reach the punch switch. The codex is right next to it.

Toy – Khan Maykr: When you get a glimpse of the blue / purple rings in the far distance, drop down to the right of the launch pad. There’s a hidden ledge below.

Praetor Point: In the back of the arena where you’ll fight the Marauder. Go to the back corner and use the raised rock platform to reach a cracked wall.

Codex: Next, you’ll leap into an arena with an Archvile. Leaving, you’ll go toward another launch pad. Grab this codex on the way.

Toy – Maykr Drone: From the codex, turn around and jump onto the walkway facing the giant blue portal array.

Praetor Point: At the purple array station, find this behind the lift.

Cheat Code – Power-Up Mode: Berzerk: At the purple array station, look for a cracked wall to your left before using the exit launcher.

Secret Encounter: At the orange array, you’ll jump inside and fight a Dread Knight. Turn around and look for a cracked wall from the entrance. This path leads to a 1-Up and a Secret Encounter.

Toy – Spectre: Leaving the orange array station, stop at the launcher and look left. Jump and dash to a small tree on the exterior to find this last toy.

M13: Final Sin – Collectibles Locations:

Codex: The last codex page is found on the third skyscraper, after climbing up the soft walls in the elevator shaft.