Retailers Are Quickly Running Out Of Nintendo Switch Units

The coronavirus is one health pandemic that is really taking its toll on the world. People everywhere are dealing with it in one way or another. If you’re not dealing with this disease personally then you may be finding yourself in a lockdown or self-isolating from others to ensure you don’t catch or potentially further spread the virus. Outside of individuals, there are companies also feeling the pain of this health scare.

This video game industry has been dealing with several issues thanks to the coronavirus such as the postponement of GDC 2020 to the cancellation of E3 2020. Now it looks like there will be a new issue springing up to consumers that are hoping to get the Nintendo Switch to enjoy while waiting for the health pandemic to start dwindling down. Unfortunately, you’re going to have a tough time finding stock available at retailers.

A new report from The Hollywood Reporter is claiming that the Nintendo Switch stock supply for retailers are either low or sold out completely. Speaking to a representative from Nintendo, The Hollywood Reporter learned that the supply will be filled soon but there was no mention of if the low stock was due to shipments delaying due to the coronavirus. In the past, we’ve heard reports that if the coronavirus continues to spread then the Nintendo supply for the Nintendo Switch could be in danger by April of this year.

This also goes in hand with another announcement that came from Nintendo. Earlier today we learned that Nintendo has temporarily closed their repair centers in North America for the time being. As a result, if you own a Nintendo Switch, you may want to take good care of it as you can’t send it in for repairs right now and there’s low stock for a replacement.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter