Coronavirus May Cause Supply Shortage For Nintendo Switch Consoles

There are plenty of issues that are rising up from the coronavirus. It’s something you’re likely aware of as it’s been covered online quite a bit lately and for certain countries, it’s starting to become a pandemic. For those that are in markets that haven’t had to deal with the virus then it may soon mean having to deal with certain products slowly dwindling down in shipments being offered. One of the products that might have a problem with shipments is the Nintendo Switch. 

In a new report from Bloomberg, it seems that the virus is causing some factories to halt and it’s become a guessing game as to if these factories will get hit with the virus causing shipments to slow down. Certain supplies coming from China are starting to dwindle down for Vietnam which is where certain products are assembled such as the Nintendo Switch. This short supply won’t affect the Nintendo Switch products quite yet but you may see a shortage as soon as April unless things pick back up.

There is a health concern at the moment and it may prevent some factories from starting back up right away as the virus from certain employees could quickly spread thus causing a greater delay. Again, this is all speculative at the moment as only sources to Bloomberg are alerting the publication about the issues.

A Nintendo spokesperson was able to comment on the publication and stating that they are working to make sure the supply won’t be affected for the various markets. With the Nintendo Switch Lite, a new model being heavily marketed and several big IPs being released for the platform such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons, we’re not sure just how big of a deal this virus will be when it comes to products being released from certain marketplaces at the moment.

Source: Bloomberg