DOOM Eternal: All Collectibles Locations | M8: Sentinel Prime

Doomguy discovers his past in M8: Sentinel Prime — and fights a titanic demon gladiator. This is a quick mission that’s packed to the brim with collectibles. Most of them are super easy to locate, but like every level, some are hidden in secret spots. If you’re lost and need an extra nudge to grab those missing items, we’ve got all the locations listed below.

The backstory of DOOM Eternal is both essential and completely unnecessary. We know why Doomguy kills demons — it’s because they’re demons! But, if we didn’t get the flashbacks in this mission, we wouldn’t get to experience the awesomeness of Doomguy talking. Yes, Doomguy finally speaks in this missions. It was worth the wait.

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How Collectibles Work In DOOM Eternal:

There are many different types of collectibles in DOOM Eternal: Automaps, Runes, Praetorian Points, Weapon Mods, Albums, Cheat Codes, Toys, Sentinel Crystals and Sentinel Batteries. Every level features an Automap, but not every level will have albums, toys, cheat codes, or Slayer Keys.

Basically, there are a ton of different collectibles, and below I’ll list where to find them all — in order from the beginning of the level to the end. Levels in DOOM Eternal are much more linear, so as long as you follow along, getting every collectible is easy.

  • NOTE: To make finding collectibles easier, select the “?” Praetorian Suit upgrade for 3 points — it will cause every collectible location to appear on your map.

Collectibles Locations Guide

M8: Sentinel Prime – Collectibles Locations:

Codex: On the first pathway after starting the level. You can’t miss it.

Codex: After your first mysterious vision, you’ll find this codex page straight ahead.

Codex: Yet another page you’ll cross while following the normal path through the level.

Codex: Talk to the Maykr, and you’ll find this page in the next room.

Codex: Climb up to the walkway above the previous codex.

Automap: Entering a grand staircase room, the automap is to the right.

Codex: To the back-right of the staircase chamber.

Praetor Point: Up the stairs, go right and follow the passage back — there’s a ledge you can jump from to reach the opposite side.

Codex: Before riding the lift platform up, grab this page.

Codex: After riding the lift up, turn around to spot this page before progressing toward the coliseum.

Codex: Right before the boss battle, find this page on the right.