Metro Exodus: Sam’s Story DLC – All Night Hunter Stash Locations | ‘Great Owl’ Guide

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To get the best gear in the Sam’s Story DLC for Metro Exodus, you’ll need to enter hidden Night Hunter stashes — these valuable locations are marked with a white skull, and you’ll get early weapon upgrades alongside exclusive Suit parts. Finding all eight will also unlock the ‘Great Owl’ trophy, and seeing as this is one collectible trophy that gives you useful stuff, you might want to track these eight locations down.

They’re fun to find, and unlocked them often involves a mini-puzzle. For example, you’ll find one locked door in the southern section of the map with three switches. You’ll have to hit the switches in the correct order to unlock the contents — there’s a unique little puzzle for each location, so we’ll explain where to look for these locations, and how to unlock them. That’s always the trickiest part.

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Night Hunter stashes are marked with white skull symbols. You’ll find high-end suit upgrades and weapon parts at each location. There are eight Night Hunter stashes total, and locating them isn’t nearly as tricky as getting inside. Check the locations below for more details.

Stash #1: Right after leaving Tom’s sub, you’ll take your boat into a flooded building with a dock on the first floor. The upper levels are swarming with mutants — when you enter a room with a wooden bridge over the water, look down for a hidden path below. Drop down and you’ll enter the stash room up the stairs. You’ll find the Munitions Suit Upgrade and Sammy Rifle parts.

Stash #2: In the apartment building where you first encounter the Captain, you’ll find a stash on the bottom floor. In the flooded area you enter, look for a path right that leads to a red door. To the left of the door, there’s a hole where you can cut the trap rope. There’s a special Ashot Shotgun Scope and a Stallion Extended Magazine part.

Stash #3: Here’s a tricky one. Up on the third floor of the same building, you’ll find an apartment with a workbench rest area connected to a balcony walkway. Down the walkway, there’s a blocked room you can kick your way inside. In this room, smash the glassware on the shelf to reveal a hidden stash — there’s a Battery Upgrade inside.

Stash #4: After meeting the Captain, you’ll stop to deal with a bandit sniper. In the flooded building, look for a skull icon — to the right, there’s hanging white clothe. Climb into the room behind it, then crawl under the desk opening. You’ll find loads of materials and Stallion weapon parts.

Stash #5: In the secondary base where you’ll drink the night away with the Captain, he’ll ask you to go down and reset the traps. Down on the floor with the creaky wooden walkway / balcony, you’ll enter an apartment with one doorway blocked by a barrier. Kick it down, and you’ll find the stash. You’ll find a Helmet Upgrade and a Stallion silencer.

Stash #6: South of the scout outpost in the southern section of the map, you’ll find a small squat building that’s populated with large mutants. Down the hall from the locked door, there’s a bunk room with a crawlspace you can use to enter. You’ll find Upgraded NVG Goggles and Stallion weapon parts.

Stash #7: At the unfinished construction site bandit camp, there’s a two-story building with a first-floor office. There are three switches here — activates the switches in this order; 3-1-2. The stash contains the Consumables Suit Upgrade and Stallion weapon parts.

Stash #8: The final stash is located right before entering the Fire Station bandit camp where you’ll retrieve the radiation suits. At the bus workbench, refuel the generator to lift a crate. This uncovers a pipe that you can crawl through to reach the final stash. There are more Stallion weapon parts inside, including the High-Capacity magazine.

For finding all eight stashes, you’ll unlock the ‘Great Owl‘ achievement / trophy.