Metro Exodus: Sam’s Story DLC – All Sammy AR & Stallion Pistol Upgrade Parts | ‘Lord Of War’ Guide

In the massive Sam’s Story DLC chapter for Metro Exodus, you’re given two powerful guns right at the start — the Sammy Assault Rifle and the Stallion Pistol. Both are amazing weapons, and weapons you’ll want to keep with you for the entire chapter. It helps you can customize them extensively with useful upgrades that completely change the function of each gun — you can turn the Sammy into a semi-auto battle rifle, or transform the Stallion into a barrel-magazine equipped automatic.

Both weapons are amazing, and you can earn the ‘Lord of War’ achievement / trophy for finding all the upgrade parts. Some, like the ones not listed on this guide, aren’t unique to the weapons themselves, and they’ll drop from any enemy carrying a gun. But, other upgrades — like the silencer for the Stallion, or the barrel-magazine for the Sammy, are hidden in secret caches. If you miss them, you’ll miss them forever.

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Sammy Assault Rifle Part Locations:

Burst Fire System (Barrel): Located on a rifle in the secret room, in the NVG outpost. In the large open room with the wooden bridge walkway, drop down below and enter the interior stairwell to reach a room behind a locked door. You’ll find upgrade parts.

Standard Magazine (Magazine): Found in the same hidden room as the Burst Fire System, on the same rifle.

Semi-Automatic System (Barrel): Located in the trap-filled building, in the center of the southern map. From the Car Dealership / Older Brother side-quest, travel through the mine-filled area filled with rats. Enter the rope ladder into the mine workshop, and go down the hallway. There’s a room to the right with this upgrade part inside.

Heavy Stock (Stock): Found on a gun, on the side-dock of the old Police Station that’s been turned into a bandit camp filled with captured mutants in the southern section of the map. Look for a dock with a boat and a long-dead soldier.

High Capacity Magazine (Magazine): On the same gun as the Heavy Stock above.

Sniper Stock (Stock): Found in the workbench room, right at the start of Klim’s rebellion. You’ll find the rifle in the dark corner of the room, leaning against the wall.

Stallion Pistol Part Locations:

Balanced Grip (Handle): In the Captain’s back-up base, on the third floor, there’s a locked red door near the balcony walkway. Go around the side to kick through the painting barricade to find this pistol and a helmet suit upgrade. The pistol is under the pillow, on the bed.

Short Barrel And Suppressor (Barrel): On the same pistol as the Balanced Grip upgrade.

Reflex Sight (Sight): On the same pistol as the Balanced Grip upgrade.

Heavy Grip (Handle): Found in a secret cache in the Construction Site bandit base, in the center of the southern section of the map. Enter the small building to the right of the construction site, and find a small office with three switches. The code to enter is 3-1-2.

Long Barrel With Full Auto (Barrel): Found in the same cache as the Heavy Grip.

Closed Reflex Sight (Sight): Found in the same cache as the Heavy Grip.

Extended Magazine (Magazine): Found in the same cache as the Heavy Grip.

Green Laser: Found in the same cache as the Heavy Grip.

High-Capacity Magazine (Magazine): Located in the back room of the large mutant lair, located southeast of the Scout Outpost. You can take a boat or follow the bridge to reach it.

Some parts, like the sights / scopes for the Sammy, are acquired from other weapons like the Valve Rifle. Search the bodies of dead soldiers and make sure to collect what you can find — you’ll also get laser sights and other universal upgrades from them.