Metro Exodus: Sam’s Story DLC – How To Get The Best Ending | ‘A Man of Principle’ Guide

The Sam’s Story DLC features a hidden Morality System, just like in the main Metro Exodus chapters. Depending on your choices, you can earn yourself a better, more selfless ending — there are two, and if you don’t earn the Captain’s trust, you won’t be able to get the high morality ending. Beware, there are going to be some major story spoilers ahead.

In Sam’s Story, you play as a former US Marine — Sam, an American trapped in Moscow after the nuclear war. After surviving the events of Metro Exodus, Sam travels to the furthest reaches of Russia in a desperate attempt to return to America and see his father again. Depending on your choices, you can earn a very different ending — and one might lead to another apocalypse.

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To fully earn the Captain’s trust, you’ll need to make moral choices as you progress through the story. Depending on what you do, the Captain will trust you enough to give you a story-important item at the very end, or he won’t.

Here are the choices you need to make to unlock the ‘A Man of Principle‘ achievement / trophy. If you make a good moral choice, a white flash will appear on screen. If you make a bad moral choice, a red flash will appear.

Moral Choices Guide:

  • [Critical] Lower your gun when you meet the Captain for the first time on the roof.
  • Help move the block of wood when he asks for your help.
  • When you encounter the bandit sniper, select the right option to let him live.
  • At the back-up base, the lights will go out while sitting with the Captain. Select the right option — share some food with the Captain.
  • [Critical] Set all five traps for the Captain at his apartment base. You’ll need to set all the traps before you leave the area.
  • After defeating the Batwing creature for the second time, you’ll enter a large area with multiple points of interest. Travel to the south to find a “?” — the Captain will ask you to find the bodies of his missing crew.
  • [Optional?] In the southern area of the map, reunite the two brothers and complete the side-quest. You’ll need to check all the “?” areas to find both hideouts, then use the code at the car dealership.
  • Select the option to destroy the sub at the end of the chapter.

And that’s it! Complete all of these tasks, and the trophy will unlock.