Pokemon Sword & Shield Wiki | All Guides, Secrets, Easter Eggs & More

Pokemon Sword & Shield is an enormous success on Nintendo Switch. It’s the first main series entry in the long-running to escape the confines of handheld devices, and the first to introduce the massive Wild Area where you can run around and explore online with other players. Like any Pokemon game, it’s packed with secret strategies, special features, and unexplained evolutions.

And that’s why we’re putting all of our Pokemon Sword & Shield guides in one easy-to-browse location. From beginner’s guides to advanced features, secrets and Easter eggs, this is everything we’ve published on Gameranx since Pokemon Sword & Shield’s explosive release date. We’ve only just barely scratched the surface — every Pokemon game has so much depth, it’s tough to catalogue literally everything — so let us know if there’s something you’d like to see.

Otherwise, scroll down or press [Ctrl+F] to search and find what you’re looking for.

Beginner’s Guides – Getting Started & General Tips

Advanced Guides – Optional Features For Master Trainers

Completing The Pokedex – Rare Pokémon & Evolutions

The Wild Area – Tips & Tricks

Secrets, Easter Eggs & Hidden Stuff You Need To Know About

Farming Methods – Tips & Tricks

Endgame Activities – What To Do When The Story Is Over

That’s every we have so far, but it doesn’t mean we’re giving up. Look forward to more Pokemon guides coming soon.