Pokémon Sword & Shield: How To Get The Rotom Catalogue & Change Forms | Rotom Locations Guide

Rotom is a rare returning electric ghost in Pokémon Sword & Shield with a very unique feature.

Using a hard-to-find item, you can change Rotom’s form, giving him a variety of different elemental attacks! Depending on the appliance Rotom is possessing, you can gain a new secondary type — Ice, Fire, Grass, Flying, or Water. That makes Rotom one of the most unique Pokémon in the game, and you can change his form whenever you want.

The trick is just finding Rotom. He’s ridiculously rare, and you’ll need to reach Wyndom before you can actually unlock his alternate forms. Here, I’ll explain how to improve your chances at catching a Rotom, and how to get the Rotom Catalogue so you can change his form.

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Rotom is an Electric / Ghost type Pokémon that possesses electronics — and using the Rotom Catalogue, you can swap forms on the fly. Rotom has 5 alternate forms it can take, and each one is a different type. He’s a cute little guy, and one of my returning faves — and he’s really hard to catch unless you know the trick.

  • How To Catch Rotom: Rotom has a 2% chance of spawning in the Wilds. To improve your chances, go to the Lake of Outrage — accessible once you unlock the Water Wheels for your bike on Route 9 — and have a Pokémon with Lightning Rod in your party.
    • Lightning Rod will cause Rotom to have a 50% spawn chance in the grassy fields on the Lake of Outrage area.

The easiest Pokémon to find with Lightning Rod is Rhyhorn. He appears pretty commonly on Route 8. You can also find Rhyhorn’s second form, Rhydon, in the Lake of Outrage. Both of them have Lightning Rod, which increase the amount of electric Pokémon that spawn.

The Rotom Catalogue lets you change Rotom into any of its six forms. To acquire the Catalogue item, you’ll need to reach Wyndon.

  • Where To Find The Rotom Catalogue: In Wyndon, enter the last yellow house on the road leading to the Pokemon Stadium. Inside, talk to the trainer and battle his Rotom.
    • For winning this battle, you’ll be awarded the Rotom Catalogue.

Even if you don’t want to use Rotom, this is an extremely cool (and hard-to-find!) feature. If you’re not in the habit of checking every single room in the game, there’s plenty of awesome stuff you can miss.

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