Pokemon Sword & Shield: Everything You Can Do In The Endgame | Postgame Secrets, Rewards & Rematches

Even after you complete the story in Pokémon Sword & Shield and become the Champion of the Galar Region, you’ll still find plenty of activities — and I’m not just talking about Max Raids or completing the Pokedex. After finishing the game, you’ll unlock a variety of quests, hidden rewards, and other changes to the game world when you go back to revisit.

There are new trainers to fight, new ways to unlock powerful upgrade enemies, and secret little bonuses hidden all over the place. Here, I’m going to document everything new you can do in the endgame. The quest is long, featuring lots of objectives and a pair of new villains you don’t want to miss. There’s even more secrets to find, so let’s go over a quick list of everything new you can find in Galar after becoming champion.

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Capture Legendary Zacian [Sword] and Zamazenta [Shield] by returning to the Slumbering Weald located near your house in Postwick. Go back to the Sword / Shield altar to begin a quest that eventually leads to capturing these rare Pokémon.

Get a free Charizard in Hop / Leon’s House in Postwick. Check out Leon’s room to collect the special Charizard!

Battle Tower is unlocked in Wyndon. Chairman Rose’s tower is now the Battle Tower, where you can fight a series of difficult Pokémon battles to earn lots of unique prizes.

Unlock the IV Judge feature by playing the Battle Tower in Wyndon. You’ll need to defeat Leon in a rematch and reach Poke Ball rank. Once you do, you’ll be able to check IVs by pressing [Start] on the Pokémon menu.

Get a free Type: Null in Battle Tower in Wyndon. Inside Battle Tower, talk to the trainer to the left to earn this rare Pokémon. You’ll also get all of its memory chips which allow you to change its type.

Hyper Training is available in the Battle Tower in Wyndon. Level 100 Pokémon can undergo Hyper Training — in exchange for rare Bottle Caps, you can make a Pokémon’s IVs act like they’re maximized. This will not transfer to egg Pokémon.

Champion Cup Rematches can be organized — allowing you to invite and re-fight all of the Gym Trainers. You’ll get more rewards for winning, and can fight unique new Gym Trainers like Marnie and Bede.

Find a few secrets in Hotel Ionia in Wyndon! If you complete the Galar Pokedex, you’ll be able to talk to the game’s battle director Shigeki Morimoto — he appears somewhere in many of the games. You can also find a Trainer in the Hotel that gives you a powerful item that makes egg hatching faster.