Pokemon Sword & Shield: How To Get All The Ancient Dino Pokemon | Fossil Restoration Guide

The Galar Region has a long history that you’ll uncover as you play through Pokémon Sword & Shield. You can fight with your own slice of ancient history with the Fossil Restoration NPC on Route 6. This helpful scientist can combine fossils you find in the Dusty Bowl and make them into full Pokémon dinosaurs you can collect.

There are four brand new Galar exclusive dino Pokémon, and to get them, you’ll need a little bit of luck and a lot of searching. Each dino Pokémon has a recipe you’ll need to recreate — there are four fossil types, and by combining fossils in different ways, you can unlock each of the four ancient Pokémon. Learn all about them below.

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How To Get Ancient Pokémon | Fossil Restoration Guide

The Fossil Restoration NPC is found on Route 6. When you reach the two ladders, go up the left ladder. Up at the top, look left of the camper to find Dr. Cara Liss.

To get special dino Pokemon, you need to give Cara Liss different combinations of fossils. There are four ancient Pokemon you can restore from fossils.

There’s a chance to earn any of these fossils from the Digging Duo located to the right of the Pokemon Nursery on the Bridge Field in the Wilds. Pay them 500 Watts for a chance at finding any of the four fossil types.

You can also find fossils randomly while exploring the Wilds.

  • Fossilized Bird: Found in the Wilds (Dusty Bowl) and Stow-on-Side.
  • Fossilized Dino: Found in the Wilds (Dusty Bowl).
  • Fossilized Drake: Found in the Wilds (Dusty Bowl) and Stow-on-Side.
  • Fossilized Fish: Found in the Wilds (Dusty Bowl) and Route 6.

Combine the fossils and you’re guaranteed to unlock each type of ancient Galarian Pokemon. They’re all awesome — the only tricky part is finding the fossils. I recommend saving your Watts and spending them on the Digging Duo. Make sure to only pay the right Digging Brother — he’s more likely to get you lots more stuff.